Victorian Restoration Dining Room

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Victorian Restoration Dining Room
We know many of our clients are working on Victorian restorations and it's wonderful to see how they bring their homes back to their original style and beauty. Here's a case in point. Our client Sal S. in New York is restoring a beautiful Victorian home that had been neglected through the years. He's returning her to her former glory and doing a terrific job of it. Sal knows his own tastes but he is working with an interior designer to help tie it all together. He is a busy entrepreneur so he needs some help to get all the work done that goes into a tackling a Victorian restoration. Sal's designer found our EuroLuxHome.com website and sent him down to check out our gallery. He actually took a road trip from New York with his mother to come visit us in person in Newberry, South Carolina. He couldn't make a decision between all of the Renaissance buffets we had in stock! Antique Renaissance Buffet for our client's Victorian Restoration DIning Room

Antique Buffet

He ended up picking out a wonderful antique Renaissance Buffet in walnut wood. The antique French buffet is heavily carved with an acorn motif symbolizing strength, power, and endurance. How fitting! Anyone involved with a Victorian restoration needs endurance, and any entrepreneur like Sal is bound to be gifted with the qualities of strength and power! The buffet dates to 1900 and it is 9 feet tall with an ornate pediment, crown molding, and lovely brass handles on the two drawers.

10 Hunting Chairs for our client's Victorian Restoration dining room

Sal also selected this set of 10 beautifully upholstered Hunting chairs. The antique French chairs date to 1880 with fantastic carvings of leaves and grapes. Carved in oak with chunky barley twists, they are pretty heavy. Each chair weighs nearly 17 pounds! The physical weight is nicely balanced though by the visual lightness in the pierced splat. The floral tapestry upholstery works well with the French Hunting style frame and also fits nicely with the style of Sal's Victorian restoration dining room. Antique server or sideboard for our client's Victorian Restoration house

Victorian Restoration Server

Sal finished his antiques shopping trip by choosing this gorgeous Renaissance style server in walnut with handsome grey-green marble.The 1900 French server or sideboard features rich carvings of leaves, crests, and rope, as well as turned spindles. The plate rail sits above the 4-foot-long veined marble top. SalStrazzaeri Here's how the buffet and chairs look in Sal's Victorian restoration dining room. It isn't spectacular? I love the decorated ceiling, and how about those elegant drapes? The aged patina of the walnut and oak looks wonderful against the pale green wallpapers. It all fits delightfully into the Victorian style. Obviously Sal took as much care in choosing the decor accents as he did in selecting the furniture from us. All of the wallpaper and curtains are new and I believe that is an antique chandelier hanging above the table. The only thing this Victorian restoration dining room needs now is a dinner party to celebrate its return to its original grace and style. I suspect Sal might have taken care of that already!
antique server 1920s bungalow interior design french antique furniture antique buffet antique sideboard hunting furniture antique dining chairs renaissance furniture victorian decor repic
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