Clocks for the Home

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Clocks for the Home
A tall grandfather clock.

Without superb wall decor in all of the primary living rooms and bedrooms, a house isn't a house. A high-quality timepiece on your nightstand or a desktop clock in your home office can elevate your interior design. It's just not the same telling the time on your phone! New, vintage, and antique clocks in traditional styles provide character and a sense of welcome, with a decorative appeal that is, may we say, ageless.

Of course, they're handy as well, allowing you to quickly glance up and check the time. Some of our most stunning vintage and antique mantel clocks for sale have striking movements that play lovely chimes to create a nostalgic mood.

Each of our pieces, whether a table clock, stylish wall clock, alarm clock, desk clock, farmhouse wall clock with a metal frame, or tabletop clock, adds quality to your home. Perhaps you require black roman numerals on a clock face. These are wonderful pieces of decor, with everything from hour hands to minute hands to glass panels.

To see the process of finding and purchasing these clocks, check out this post about one of our buying trips.

Antique and Vintage Clocks

Antique and vintage gems come and go since they are all one-of-a-kind, so if you see one you like, get it before a collector does! As an example, our collection of magnificent clocks may include a work by the well-known 19th-century German clockmaker Gustav Becker at any given time. Gustav Becker's fine craftsmanship could be seen on anything from modest, clean-lined cases to extravagant, hand-carved items. Consider how nice it would be to have a glass crystal or metal base clock to track exact time.

Polished brass, beveled glass, brushed aluminum, and pewter are among the materials used in some of our clocks. If you prefer a silver-tone look, we also have silver-tone items available. Other timepieces are made of wrought iron and have a distressed finish, making them the center focus of any room. These will allow you to keep track of time in style! Retro, rustic, mid-century, and bezels are among the styles available. All of these timepieces would look great in a dining room, foyer, home office, or even a farmhouse.

A round wall clock

Wooden wall clocks, rustic wall clocks, analog wall clocks, and more variations are also available.

Some of these pieces have huge roman numerals or standard roman numerals for numbers. Other features include arabic numerals, as well as a high-quality whitewash and decoration fit for a gallery wall.

All Sorts of Clock Styles

We have a wide range of styles to choose from. Perhaps you require an antique French, Victorian, or Grandfather clock. Art Nouveau, Mid-Century Modern, and Art Deco clocks, as well as American clocks, are some of the other styles. Perhaps one of our collectible vintage clocks, created by a more current maker, would be of interest to you. Whatever you choose, one thing is certain: our French clocks and antique wall pieces will dazzle. We have everything from regulator clocks to antique clocks, gilded bronze bracket clocks, and even a Howard Miller carriage clock.

A clock made to look like an airplane radial prop engine.

Perhaps you'll be fascinated by a rare 19th century Rococo antique clock with an elaborate sculpture signed by the renowned manufacturer Nicholas Mueller's Sons. Sculptures are popular on many of our new and antique clocks since they add such a gorgeous touch to a mantel or side table.

Sculpture Clocks and more!

A sculpture of a jockey, a bear, a stag, or a fly fishing reel might be featured in a new design with a traditional feel, making it a great choice for your mountain cabin or lakeside resort. These are specially crafted to order and painstakingly hand-painted with great detail. Delft designs, Art Deco pieces, and old Black Forest cuckoo clocks are among the other selections. Each clock, from the mantle clock to the beautiful table clock, shows exceptional craftsmanship, from the white dial to the felt bottom. Whatever your style, browse our selection of vintage timepieces for sale to find the perfect timepiece for you!

gustav becker clock antique european clocks Unranked
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