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Coasters & Placemats

Coasters and Placemats

Vintage style coasters and placemats allow you to experiment and have fun with the decor in your dining room, home bar or kitchen. Our selection of high-quality coasters and placemats are designed for your traditional decor with superb craftsmanship and finishes. They will complement your antique furniture, impress your guests and make every meal or cocktail hour a pleasure. They are not so much mere table accessories as they are heirloom pieces.

Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture is one of our most popular vendors. Their excellent antique-inspired furniture and home accessories are newly made, with a focus on designs based on pieces found in grand European houses. They use traditional hand-crafting with the same techniques used by furniture makers centuries ago. The Jonathan Charles selection of vintage style coasters and placemats shows this attention to detail and intricate craftsmanship to perfection. 

Quality Placemats

Our placemats are sure to enhance the decor of your dining room. Just imagine how well one of these pieces can blend with your rattan dining table, tablecloths, or plaid table linens! We offer round placemats, cotton placemats and more! Anything to enhance your dinnerware. These tabletop pieces are washable, meaning they'll always be a great part of your tablescape! The accessibility provided by these pieces is unmatched. Just imagine how lovely your tableware and other cutlery will look in your dining area, beautifully set up for everyday use on your dinner table!

Top Tier Coasters

Drink coasters are a must-have for any home. Your cold drinks deserve the best! These have the ability to enhance any counter top or table. The home decor benefit provided an absorbent silicone or cork coaster is both practical and lovely. Not only does a coaster protect your coffee table, but it can also enhance your living room! Your drinkware deserves the best.

You will love the look and the feel of their round vintage style placements from the Versailles collection, crafted in light walnut with an attractive flower inlaid marquetry design. They arrive packaged in a round wooden box that serves as storage when you are not entertaining guests to dinner. The wooden box is also meticulously crafted and it stands on two small feet so you can display it on your table as a decorative object in itself! Other options are square in shape, but also with elegant marquetry or stringing inlay or luscious crotch mahogany veneers. 

Coasters include solid oak designs stored in a distressed oak box with a plank top which is the ideal choice for an Old World style home. Or choose veneered crotch walnut with a square shape and striking veneer design for your Art Deco or Mid-Century Modern bar. Stored in an open top box and with a masculine vintage look, these are the coasters that Don Draper might use for his whiskey! Buy placemats and coasters today at EuroLux Home!