Corner Cabinets

Corner Cabinets

There are many reasons to shop for a handsome new corner cabinet. Corner cabinets are practical to use and they make the most of every inch of space in a room. They are also great as a decorative accent. 

Corner cabinets can be used in every room of the house and for storage and display purposes. For example, used as a china cabinet, a glass front corner cabinet will tuck into your dining room or kitchen to give you somewhere to keep all your favorite dishes close at hand and prettily displayed. If you need a bookcase in your office or library, a glass front corner cabinet with interior lighting might be the perfect fit. In a small guest bedroom or cozy cottage bedroom that has limited space beside the bed for a nightstand, a low corner cabinet serves as a charming night table and maximizes the space without feeling cramped. Or perhaps you would use it in your compact guest bedroom or other smaller living space as a TV stand or a lamp table? 

In a foyer or entry way, a corner cabinet sets the decorative tone for your visitors as they arrive and it doubles as space to store small essentials that you need on the way in and out of the house.

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Whether you choose kitchen cabinets, a corner shelf, corner storage cabinet or accent cabinet with a hutch, our corner cabinets are a great way to enhance your corner space. From open spaces in your living room, to small spaces in your entryway, these pieces make a statement every time. A tall corner cabinet could allow storage space at great heights. We can even help you find something that matches your countertops, bookshelves, or existing cabinetry!

Perhaps a wall cabinet is what you need. These include corner curio cabinets, base cabinets, and bathroom cabinets. You'll be impressed by the cabinet design of these pieces. Whether free standing or wall mounted, each piece of furniture from our home decor collection brings style and functionality.

With quality materials such as solid wood and stainless steel, you know you're getting durability. Whether you need living or dining room furniture, our storage solutions are built to last.

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 In any room that does not have much wall space because of windows, a fireplace or other features, a corner cabinet can nestle into the corner to create a lovely display. A corner cabinet will also soften the angles of a very square or linear space, making it feel more welcoming. 

We offer corner cabinets in many styles, including hand-crafted and antique-inspired cabinets featuring marquetry detail, fine crotch mahogany veneers, beautifully paned glass doors and elegant pediments.  The right corner cabinet will create a focal point and brighten up any neglected corner.

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Corner Cabinets FAQ

01 Are corner pantries outdated?

For the past ten years, corner pantries have been the hottest trend in new house construction and remodeling. For the illusion of value in your kitchen, the majority of homes have walk-in corner pantries in their plans. This is a cost-effective alternative in the construction process, but it is not the most functional.

02 How big is an average corner cabinet?

They have a massive footprint. A built-in corner pantry's interior is typically 48" wide, not counting structure and drywall. Can't use the entire area since a walk-in corner pantry has a lot of unused space to allow a person to walk into it. n.

03 How much space should be between corner shelves?

For the door and drawer to work effectively, you'll need to leave at least 6" of dead space in the corner. You'll need a 3" filler on the opposite wall to make enough room for the cabinet's door and drawer to work.

04 Do corner cabinets save space?

Getting creative with those awkward spots where kitchen cabinets inevitably meet will almost always be required when finalizing a kitchen layout. Although they may appear awkward and obtrusive at first, corner cabinets can be an excellent method to increase storage space, design, and overall beauty.

05 Where can I find corner cabinets online?

Our collection of corner cabinets is the finest in today's market. We offer a wide variety of both antique cabinets and more contemporary kitchen furniture.

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