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If you are looking for home decor with a serene, comfortable and traditional feel for your casual lifestyle, it is hard to beat Country Farmhouse furniture. The interpretation can range from a more refined French Country style to a much more rugged and rustic style, but this style is defined by a connection to natural beauty, rather than furniture and home accents that are overly polished and glossy. The furniture is eclectic with the feel of being collected over the years, yet everything works together. Pieces that look aged are especially valued as they give the sense of being a much cherished family heirloom.

What defines that French Country Style?

One of the most enduring influences in interior design, French Country style is charming and welcoming, with an emphasis on traditional craftsmanship, natural materials, and a sense of harmony and balance. Simple furniture with graceful lines includes ladder back chairs which often boast woven rush or rattan seats to add to the easy rustic feel. 

Old World Luxury

This timeless Old World French Country style is rich in nostalgia and distressed finishes are important. Rustic antique furniture will be naturally distressed by age, but our newly crafted pieces have wonderful hand-rubbed or a hand-planed distressed finishes on the wood or painted surface.

For more about this style, you can check out our blog post here!

French Provincial

The term French Provincial style is often used interchangeably with the term French Country style although the French Provincial style is arguably slightly more refined and ornately decorative. Pretty decorative details are not ostentatious, because they are combined with earthy natural materials, humble textural finishes and distressed finishes including weathered paint. Curved lines and decorative carved details create a sense of easy but gracious living. Chairs often feature rounded backs and curvy cabriole legs. Textiles focus on natural fibers such as linen and the painterly Toile de Jouy is a popular choice.

For a more rugged look, Rustic styles of decor with chunky and planked woods and rough, textural and distressed finishes are especially suitable for rural homes and mountain cabins and lodges. Browse Country Farmhouse furniture here today, including beautiful rustic antique furniture.

French Country Farmhouse Furniture at

We've got a variety of Country Farmhouse Decor options available on our site.

If you're looking to enhance your dining room, consider one of our country farmhouse dining tables. For seating, we've got dining chairs available as well. To cast a classy glow across this furniture, we'd recommend a chandelier to complete the experience. 

Farmhouse Decor Options

There are countless Country Farmhouse options available for your living room as well. A console table,  end table, coffee table or side table could be the finishing touch in your room. All of these pieces feature a quality tabletop that can enhance your living room or Country Farmhouse kitchen. For those book lovers out there, a bookcase in this style might be the best choice. Other rustic furniture options to complete your Country Farmhouse living room include sideboards, which can be a centerpiece. 

Living room seating options in this style include loveseats, side chairs and bar stools.

Whether you're decorating your home office or entryway, whether you're looking for a Farmhouse table or bedroom furniture, the Country Farmhouse style brings that special country charm to any space.

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Country Farmhouse FAQ

01 What is the Country Farmhouse style?

Country Farmhouse style is similar to the Rustic style in that it has a very homely, cottage-style feel. This style is known for its practicality and country-style charm.

02 What's the difference between Country Farmhouse and French Country?

They are extremely similar styles. The difference is that French Country style tends to be softer. This means it uses lighter color palettes and wood types.

03 What is Modern Farmhouse style?

Modern farmhouse combines the sleek clean lines of contemporary design with the cozy farmhouse aesthetic to create a uniquely fresh take on the country living inspired style. Modern farmhouse style is known for its warmth and simplicity, characterized by natural textures and materials like wood or galvanized steel.

04 What are some Country Farmhouse colors?

The base of farmhouse kitchen colors are whites, grays, and beiges. The first step in obtaining the perfect farmhouse decor is choosing the proper neutral paint color. This neutral will serve as the foundation for your room, whether it's on the cabinetry, the walls, or both.

05 What types of Country Farmhouse furniture does offer?

We have a little bit of everything in this style. A customer favorite is our Country Farmhouse dining tables. These pieces are sure to impress your guests with their cozy craftsmanship.


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  1. Chandelier KALCO CORONADO Farmhouse 3-Tier Tiered 24-Light Florence Gold Solid

    SKU: KL-1658

    54H x 56W x 56D


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  2. Chandelier MOUNTAIN Lodge Aspen Stag Head Deer 2-Tier Tiered Chocolate Brown

    SKU: OK-1069

    57H x 75W x 75D


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  3. Chandelier MOUNTAIN Lodge Aspen Bear Head 2-Tier Tiered Chocolate Brown Resin

    SKU: OK-1067

    57H x 63W x 63D


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  4. Chandelier 21 Stag Heads Deer Rustic 3-Tier OK Casting 28 Candelabra Light

    SKU: OK-1059

    60H x 60W x 60D


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  5. Bookcase Port Eliot French Provincial Olde European Pine Open Shelves 3-Doors

    SKU: PE-4

    91H x 84W x 23D


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  6. Chandelier KALCO LANDSDALE Farmhouse 2-Tier Tiered 18-Light Natural Wood Black

    SKU: KL-1360

    48.50H x 42W x 42D


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  7. Chandelier MOUNTAIN Lodge Stag Head Deer 2-Tier Tiered Chocolate Brown Resin

    SKU: OK-1057

    45H x 60W x 60D


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  8. Chandelier Rustic Stag Heads Deer 10-Light Crystal 2-Tier Hand-Cast OK Casting

    SKU: OK-1061

    44H x 45W x 45D


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  9. Chandelier MOUNTAIN Lodge Stag Head Deer 2-Tier Tiered 14-Light Chocolate Brown

    SKU: OK-724

    44H x 48W x 48D


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  10. Chandelier MOUNTAIN Lodge 7 Aspen Bear 14-Light Chocolate Brown Resin Hand-Cast

    SKU: OK-1065

    35H x 63W x 63D


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  11. Chandelier KALCO HARPER Farmhouse 2-Tier Tiered 15-Light Florence Gold Painted

    SKU: KL-2142

    50H x 40W x 40D


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  12. Chandelier CURREY GALAHAD Rustic Round 12-Light Bronze Socket Black Cord

    SKU: CC-1158

    40H x 43W x 43D


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