Creating A Beautiful Home Office

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Creating A Beautiful Home Office

Spring is the time of year when everyone organizes their home office, tidying up files and throwing out clutter! But the best home offices are as beautiful as they are functional. Your office should be a place where you can express your personality as well as work, manage  paperwork and finances, and receive clients!

Jonathan Charles furniture home officeThis stunning home office featuring antique-inspired furniture by Jonathan Charles is packed with personality! We love the Jonathan Charles furniture and home accents we carry because each piece is crafted to look authentic and last a lifetime, often using the same techniques that furniture makers used hundreds of years ago. The deep blue walls and colorful artwork in this office create an eclectic effect paired with the traditional office furniture. The white upholstery and carpet are a little unexpected, adding another bright and sophisticated touch.

Jonathan Charles Home Office FurnitureThis home office, again decorated with a Jonathan Charles desk and other furniture is notable for its gorgeous light and a clean uncluttered look. (I bet someone has been reading
Marie Kondo's best-selling book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up!) The modern and airy look of the room is grounded by the substantial wood furniture and bold metal hardware. It shows how traditional furniture can be given a completely unique spin by a homeowner who is willing to mix up their styles a bit and combine pieces they love. A large plant in the corner also makes an office so much more welcoming and we love the faux zebra rug for a dash of exotic character!

Traditional home office

If you want to get truly arty, then how about this amazing traditional home office in Chicago? The domed ceiling boasts a custom-painted mural of the Mediterranean - once you spot Italy on the right of the ceiling fan you can figure out how the map falls into place. This is a splendidly designed room with wood paneling, wood plank floor, and huge windows too, but even if you don't have such a fabulous space to work in, you can take a few tips. Choose a couple of comfortable and very handsome leather sofas for relaxed business conversations, Add a colorful tapestry or rug and plenty of book on the shelves and you're set!

This traditional home office in Washington D.C. is actually quite streamlined and simple when you look closely, but it creates a strong impression because of the club style leather chairs and the impressive antique-inspired desk.  The high vaulted ceiling helps to add architectural interest, but the main thing that creates decorative appeal at ceiling level is the large chandelier lighting.  A chandelier always makes a statement and sets the tone for a room.

I hope that these beautiful home offices have given you some ideas on how to jazz up your own office this spring! In my next post, I'll share some of my favorite antique and antique-inspired desks and other home office furniture and decor accents to make your office beautiful and beautifully organized too!

antique office furniture antique desks jonathan charles fine furniture mckinley leather furniture antique reproductions decorating with color interior design antique decor antique office decor
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