Pink Decor: Some Decorating Ideas

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Pink Decor: Some Decorating Ideas

I've been seeing a lot pink decor this summer. Sometimes people can be wary of decorating with pink because they fear it might look too girly or sugary, but in fact pink is an incredibly versatile shade that can be used in lots of sophisticated ways. Whether you like the subtlety of ballet slipper pink or the elegance of rose, the softness of blush or a rich jolt of fuchsia, I've found some ideas to inspire you. In this first blog post I'm going to focus on decorating with light pink. Next time I'll look at the livelier bright pinks!

UK Textile Designer Kate Forman English Country Charm

Pink Country Decor

To prove just how elegant and yet comfortable pink can be, here's a wonderful Country style living room with textiles by UK textile designer Kate Forman. She's got the English country charm completely sewn up! Notice the pink ticking upholstery on the sofa and how it echoes the linear design in the rug and even the folds in the drapes, providing a sense of structure that makes this pink look very grown-up! Then Forman layers different prints in the cushions in a way that gently softens this quite formal space.

Black works brilliantly with a soft pink, including the slightly grayed out tones of the fashionable Millennial pink. As you can see from the otherwise quite traditional Farmhouse style bedroom in Boston, the black gives an edge to the pink and grounds it, removing any hint of saccharine sweetness and keeping the whole look fresh.

Pink Lighting

The black chair and sharp angles of the graphic black frames also ground this pink living room in Atlanta,  which looks a little like a sitting corner in a French boudoir to me, it is so inviting and arty! The pink chandelier really sets this space off. It's a little like some of the pink chandeliers we have for sale on our website, including this nice new Cyan Design new Cyan Design Florence chandelier crafted in Murano glass style with cascading swirls.

Pink Chandelier FlorenceStepping up the color voltage a little, the living room cleverly mixes a soft pretty pink on the walls with darker tones of pink and pinky red to create a lot of depth and texture.

The eclectic feel of the room is wonderful and feminine and if you like that pink on the walls it is Sherwin Williams Paint Color Bella Pink. The pink is offset by green cushions, which is a classic color combination and you often see pink and green together in Art Deco design.

Pink Bathroom romantic

Decorating with pink can be a short cut to setting a romantic mood, as in this delightful pink bathroom. I think I might add a few more fresh flowers or a large plant in the corner, but the pink tub and the handsome fireplace already set establish a romantic Old World mood.

The ballet slipper pink wallpaper by Ralph Lauren also evokes an elegant turn of the century feel in the in the powder room of this Victorian home in Minneapolis. I'd probably want to choose a slightly larger wall sconce with a bit more decorative impact, but the overall impression is serene and graceful.

Pink Decor at EuroLuxHome.com

Pink home decor, whether it's wall art, acrylic decor fixtures or understated, pastel living room decor, is a great way to go in many homes. If you're looking to add some glam to your home office or bedroom decor, there's no shame in using artificial flowers! Maybe a hot pink area rug or piece of pink wall decor could be the centerpiece of your space. Our best sellers include candle holders, rose quartz dining room decor, and many other decorative accessories that are sure to enhance your home. With so many lovely home accents available, you're bound to find the perfect way to enhance your make up room, table decor, or kids room. With so many interior design choices available in blush pink, it can be hard to choose! Maybe some accent pieces such as a throw blanket or throw pillow is what your home needs.

I hope that this post about light pinks has got you "in the pink" about decorating with pink. In my next post I'll show you some bright pink decor schemes and how to update the classic bright pinks for today's homes!

cyan design lighting decorating with color interior design antique decor
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