Antique blue and white Delftware ceramics look wonderful grouped together, whether you display a collection of vases and ginger jars on a sideboard or decorative antique Delft plates on a wall.

The blue and white ceramic look has been a classic in home decor since the early 1600s when porcelain from China became popular in Europe. When the fall of the Ming Dynasty interrupted Chinese imports, entrepreneurial potters in the town of Delft in Holland began making pieces that imitated the Chinese porcelains. They used the tin-glaze technique employed by Italians to create Majolica, and their hand-painted creations became known as Delftware ceramics. Dutch details such as windmills and canals are typical, as are scenes of people skating or enjoying a wedding feast.

The potters also made polychrome pieces – meaning multi-colored – with rich shades of yellow, dark red, orange, green, purple and brown as well as the famous blue and white. Most designs are ornate and while some are purely European in style, others have an Eastern influence which makes them a terrific choice if you are trying to add a touch of exotic color to your space.

We sell vintage and antique Delft plates by the most famous manufacturers, including Royal Sphinx, Royal Boch, De Delftse Pauw, and Chemkefa. These authentic pieces are very reasonably priced. Don’t just take our word for it. Even the Wall Street Journal said that “Dutch Delftware can be an excellent value.”

If you love any kind of beautiful hand-painted ceramics then you will also enjoy browsing our new, antique and vintage Majolica vases, plates, pitchers, jugs, candlestick holders, bowls or other decorative items. Majolica is a kind of hand-painted earthenware pottery with a tin glaze named for the Spanish island of Majorca. Popular examples include Italian Deruta, hand-painted with sunny colors that are perfect for a Mediterranean style home, and designs by Belgian Hubert Bequet, known for extravagantly colorful high-quality pieces with gold rims.

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