Deruta Tuscan Italian Ceramics

Deruta Ceramics

Deruta decor is the pinnacle of Italian ceramic decor. If you're looking to give your interior design a taste of Italy, then this is the style for you! We carry all sorts of Italian pottery, such as Majolica. This style contains a wide selection of products, from espresso cups to dinner plates to platters, butter dishes and other dinnerware. 

The term "Deruta" refers to both an Italian hill ...

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Deruta Tuscan Italian Ceramics FAQ

01 What is Deruta pottery?

Deruta pottery is an exceptional tin-glazed earthenware, or majolica, manufactured in the town of Deruta on the Tiber River near Perugia, Italy, during the first half of the 16th century. Deruta porcelain is distinguished by its unique mother-of-pearl finish, metallic shine, and decorative elements.

02 Is Deruta pottery microwave safe?

They can only be reheated in the microwave for a short time. Microwaving will not harm an item, but it may cause the glaze to "craze," resulting in microscopic cracks and having no effect on the ceramic piece.

03 Does Deruta pottery use lead glazes?

Deruta artisans and importers claim to employ lead-free bisques and glazes that are unlikely to react with food.


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  1. ARABESCO Platter Plate Deruta Majolica Bird Oval Blue White/Cream Ceramic

    SKU: AS-1297

    16.50W x 12.50D

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  2. MAJOLICA MEDICI DERUTA Wall Plate Tuscan Italian Ceramic Hand-Painted

    SKU: AS-1384

    28W x 2D

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  3. CIRCO Tea Pot Service Items Tuscan Italian Ceramic

    SKU: AS-1460

    6H x 9W x

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  4. PERUGINO Olive Oil Bottle Deruta Majolica Stainless Steel Cap Ceramic

    SKU: AS-1787

    11H x 3W x 3D

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