Deruta Tuscan Italian Ceramics

Deruta Ceramics

Deruta decor is the pinnacle of Italian ceramic decor. If you're looking to give your interior design a taste of Italy, then this is the style for you! We carry all sorts of Italian pottery, such as Majolica. This style contains a wide selection of products, from espresso cups to dinner plates to platters, butter dishes and other dinnerware. 

The term "Deruta" refers to both an Italian hill town and style of clay. The town, built on Roman foundations in the Umbria region of Italy, has access to a rare and high quality form of clay. Craftsmen of the 15th century and 16th century became experts at creating lovely ceramic decorations with this clay. It is a tradition that survives to this day, and we have all sorts of pieces to prove it! This is a fascinating style to begin with, but the historical context adds to the effect!

Deruta Products at

We have a wide selection of Deruta Italian pottery available for purchase! Each piece in our collection was hand-picked for a reason. We look for unique pottery, and this style meets that standard. Whether it's the excellent painting skill, color schemes, or simply the lovely designs that impress you, this decor is special. 

Quality Dinnerware

For your dinnerware needs, perhaps a salad plate or cup and saucer is what you need! Each of these ensures that you'll be entertaining guests in style. Just imagine the look on your friends' or family's face when they lay eyes on these works of art! Other Deruta ceramics options include pasta bowls. 

Genuine Italian Ceramics

They are made in Italy, after all! Some of our pieces invoke the feelings of the medieval era. Others bring a more Renaissance sense. Regardless of your choice, the expert craftsmanship is sure to impress.

Why Deruta Ceramics?

First of all, the style looks fantastic! The experts who create this pottery always seem to choose the perfect color scheme to complement their rare clay! Another good thing about this style is its ability to match with other styles. Whether your home features an Art Deco or Victorian setup, chances are it can benefit from quality ceramic art. We have all sorts of other products available similar to this style, such as Maiolica. If you have any questions about our merchandise, feel free to reach out via our chat window or email! One of the owners will answer directly, and apply their experience to help you find your perfect piece!

Deruta Tuscan Italian Ceramics FAQ

01 How can I tell if Deruta pottery is genuine?

Make sure the Italian ceramic piece you're interested in has an unglazed part by turning it upside down. This section, which is usually a circle, displays the terracotta's natural brownish orange color.

02 What is Majolica made of?

Majolica is created by molding and firing a piece of earthenware clay, then glazing it with a tin enamel glaze to produce a blank canvas on which craftsmen paint intricate details.

03 What is Deruta pottery?

Deruta pottery is an exceptional tin-glazed earthenware, or majolica, manufactured in the town of Deruta on the Tiber River near Perugia, Italy, during the first half of the 16th century. Deruta porcelain is distinguished by its unique mother-of-pearl finish, metallic shine, and decorative elements.

04 Is Deruta pottery microwave safe?

They can only be reheated in the microwave for a short time. Microwaving will not harm an item, but it may cause the glaze to "craze," resulting in microscopic cracks and having no effect on the ceramic piece.

05 Does Deruta pottery use lead glazes?

Deruta artisans and importers claim to employ lead-free bisques and glazes that are unlikely to react with food.


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