Dressers & Chests

Antique Dressers and Chests

Whether you prefer an antique chest of drawers, or a high-quality new chest of drawers, a chest of drawers is both a stylish and practical piece of furniture in your home. A Chest of drawers is often used for storing books, clothes and other useful accessories. These chests helps us to keep things well organized and can be placed anywhere at home. An antique dresser and vanity adds an element of beauty, grace and tradition to your home. Handsome antique chests of drawers for sale are available in South Carolina. 

Your favorite antique furniture styles here!

Whether you're in the market for 19th century home decor styles such as Victorian, Chippendale, or Georgian or 20th century styles such as Mid-Century Modern, we've got you covered. From oak chests to mahogany chests, we've got the storage boxes to meet your style needs. Choose from inlaid patina pieces, solid wood blanket chests, antique trunks, and handmade vintage style storage chests. Each wooden chest or wooden trunk could make a great addition to your bedroom, living room, home office or entryway. These would also be a great way to store collectibles! Whether you're look modern chest trunks or antique style cedar chests, we've got what you need.

Antique Dressers

From vintage dressers in the art deco style, to antique oak bedroom dressers and other wood dressers, we've got the stylish pieces to enhance your home decor. If you're preparing to give your place a makeover, or simply want to enhance its existing design, we've got the right furniture for you. Whether you choose one of our antique Victorian oak dressers, or a Louis XV armoire or credenza, EuroLuxHome.com is the right place to look. Maybe on of our new arrivals of modern dressers will impress you, crafted from materials such as oak wood. We even offer mahogany dressers! Regardless of your choice, you'll find that each of our pieces demonstrates elite craftsmanship. Other options include bathroom vanity pieces, double dressers, French Provincial dressers, vanity dressers, walnut dressers, highboy and lowboy dressers and more!

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From marble top nighstands to bookcases, coffee tables and dining room furniture, EuroLuxHome.com has the highest quality antique furniture on the market. From Scandinavian to Danish, English, French and more, we import luxury furniture from all over the globe! Browse our selection of products today, and please don't hesitate to reach out for assistance if you need any. The owners are more than happy to help!

Dressers & Chests FAQ

01 What's the difference between a dreser and a chest of drawers?

A chest of drawers is taller and narrower than a dresser, which is shorter and wider and has more defined storage possibilities for clothes, linens, and other items. Dressers with mirrors are more ideal for spacious bedrooms than corner chests of drawers, which can be used to store anything in a bedroom, living room, or office.

02 Should I get a chest or dresser?

Chests are more common and are used for general storage in bedrooms. Get a dresser if you want to keep your clothes organized. If you need general bedroom storage, such as for pillows, blankets, and other odd goods, a bedroom chest is the way to go.

03 What should I keep in my dresser?

Pants, jackets, button-front shirts, dresses, and skirts should all be hung. T-shirts, pajamas, sweaters, yoga gear, and underwear should be folded and stored in drawers, shelves, or bins in the dresser.

04 How deep is a standard dresser?

A typical dresser contains six to nine drawers, is approximately waist high (26" ? 44"), is 36" ? 60" broad, and is 16" ? 20" deep.

05 Can a dresser go in the closet?

Keep the dresser in the closet if you're low on space or want to make the most of a larger bedroom. Putting a dresser in the closet is the ideal solution if it is visually distracting, will make a room feel more confined, or you simply want it out of the way.