Dressing & Vanity Tables

Vanity Tables and Dressing Tables

Every woman knows that shopping for vanity and dressing tables is a very personal thing. These items of furniture feel intimate to us because we use them every day in our beauty routines, whether getting ready for bed or preparing to go out. It is important to find one that is practical for our needs, of course. It must have the right amount of surface area and storage area, with places to keep our skincare, makeup and supplies for nails and hair. But it also needs to make us feel fabulous when we use it! It must bring joy every day because it looks so good that we are confident that we will look our best too! Antique vanity dressing tables bring a certain class and flair that newer pieces simply can't compete with. From makeup vanity tables to a vanity set with mirrors, you'll see why these are some of our best sellers. 

You Deserve a Quality Makeup Vanity! 

A vanity mirror can be the game changer that your home decor needs. Some feature a folding mirror, while others feature a round mirror for a luxurious shape. Whether you're looking for an antique or modern vanity, we can provide the home furnishings for your dressing room. We've even seen customers put them in the living room! 

The first thing to think about when choosing a dressing or vanity table is where you will place it in the room so you have good light. Then you can take a measurement to ensure the piece you choose is a good fit. Also consider whether you want one with a built in mirror, or will you place a free-standing mirror on it or use a wall mirror? Some of the designs we stock feature flip-up mirrors which make the best of all worlds. You can close the mirror when it is not in use, but easily pop it open again when you sit down to apply your makeup. The closed top also keeps the surface tidy, with your beauty kit hidden away. These styles often come with matching stools. 

Then think about how much space you need. It is hard to enjoy getting dressed up for an evening out if your working space surface is too small, as it just ends up looking cluttered. Will you keep your jewelry box on it too, or does that live on another surface? How much drawer storage space do you need? Or do you also like a mixture of cupboard space?

Top Mirror, Oval Mirror, you name it!

The quality tabletop on these pieces brings a sense of Hollywood glam to your space. A quality mirrored vanity can function as a piece of bedroom furniture: a bedroom vanity. A lighted mirror on a makeup vanity set provides lighting to make your morning routine easier! If you'd like something more comprehensive than a single vanity, we also provide entire vanity sets, which include vanity stools, some of which are upholstered stools. We also offer stool sets. Each piece of furniture is crafted from solid wood, with storage drawers that make good use of a small space. Whether you're in the market for a vanity desk, vanity table set, or bathroom vanity, EuroLuxHome.com can cover your needs. 

Whether you are looking for a very traditional style or a more modern silhouette, we have a beautiful selection of new and antique vanity tables and dressing tables to suit your taste.