English Furniture

At EuroLuxHome.com, we've got an assortment of quality modern, vintage and antique English furniture. Whether you're looking for a circa 19th century Regency bookcase or an early 20th century Victorian dining table, this style has the type of luxury interior designers crave. We love this style because of its ability to bring that special regal feeling to any space in your home. It is truly a furniture style fit for a king! Learn more about our available pieces in this category below.

English Dining Room Furniture

We have the quality British furniture to make a meal at your home feel even more special. Antique furniture exists today only because it has withstood the test of time. Not only does it provide a great style, but also sturdy craftsmanship that ensures a quality piece of furniture. Maybe a set of Edwardian dining chairs is what you need. Some of our dining chairs feature nice upholstery for added comfort.  A Queen Anne sideboard could provide a lovely place to store dishes, china, or other cookware. Perhaps the furniture design of a late 19th century Georgian side table tickles your fancy. Regardless of your choice, you'll find that our selection of English dining furniture is made the quality to meet your needs. 

We wrote a bit about a specific English style, Regency, on our blog. You can check out that post here!

English Furniture for the Bedroom

Whether you're looking for a handmade Regency style headboard with an inlay or a set of Louis XV nightstands, you'll find that our selection of bedroom furniture is crafted to the highest of standards. For your storage needs, we also offer a quality chest of drawers, perfect for storing linens or even collectibles. 

Living Room Furniture

Our selection of living room furniture ensures that your time with guests and family will be spent in luxurious British style! For your table needs, we can provide coffee tables, console tables, and side tables. Maybe a carved mahogany antique bookcase could be the statement piece you need, perfect for any reader or lover of antique furniture. 

Credenzas and Armoires

A credenza or armoire could be the elegant addition your home needs. Some of these pieces are crafted from oak, and provide both a practical benefit of storage while also looking spectacular! For your seating needs, we'd recommend a set of side chairs. Ranging from materials such as solid mahogany and english oak, these sturdy seating pieces are perfect for virtually any space. Other seating options include wingback and windsor chairs. 

Seating options include chaise. Styles in our selection of English furniture include Art Deco, Louis XVI, George III, Mid-Century Modern, Chippendale, Gothic, Jacobean, Art Nouveau, Rococo and more!

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English FAQ

01 What is Baroque furniture?

The designs featured an exuberant and sometimes exaggerated decoration with the details integrated with harmony and balance in symmetrical compositions. Baroque furniture pieces had very elaborate ornamentation, plenty of details, and the designs featured an exuberant and sometimes exaggerated decoration with the details integrated with harmony and balance in symmetrical compositions. Twisted columns, pedestal feet, and thick moldings were all common features.

02 What is Victorian furniture?

Victorian furniture is an antique furniture style that was popular during Queen Victoria's reign (1837?1901). Its style is frequently revivalist, in the sense that it borrows stylistic aspects from previous eras, resulting in massive waves of revivals with nostalgic allusions to the past.

03 What are some English furniture styles?

The English love their furniture, so there are lots! Victorian and Georgian style furniture are some of the most famous styles. There's also the elegant Chippendale style.

04 What makes English furniture unique?

English furniture styles almost always reflect the tastes of the royals of the time. For example, Georgian furniture was crafted with many Neo-Classical motifs because that's what the king wanted!

05 What English furniture does EuroLuxHome.com offer?

EuroLuxHome.com offers all sorts of English furniture styles. Maybe a Chippendale cabinet is what your home needs. Or maybe you're in the market for an antique Victorian bed! The choice is yours.


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  1. Desk English Writing Table Port Eliot Mahogany Arch Brass Gold Tooled Leather

    SKU: PE-94

    31H x 60W x 34D


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  2. Desk English Style, Rich Mahogany, Antiqued Brass Handles, 16-Drawer, File

    SKU: BG-232

    32H x 45W x 79L


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  3. Cabinet European Welsh Solid Wood Blackwash Dark Rustic Pecan Shelves 3-Door

    SKU: BG-562

    91H x 76W x 18D


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  4. Cocktail Table THEODORE ALEXANDER William and Mary Turned Legs X-Stretcher

    SKU: TA-2615

    20H x 63W x 35.75D


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  5. Chest of Drawers English Flame Mahogany Banded Inlay, Brass Hardware, 6-Drawer

    SKU: BG-11

    48.50H x 47W x 22D


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  6. Chest of Drawers English Bow Front Flame Mahogany Banded Inlay Brass

    SKU: BG-10

    41.50H x 42.50W x 18D


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  7. Dining Arm Chair JONATHAN CHARLES COUNTRY FARMHOUSE Windsor Curved Top Rail and

    SKU: JC-352

    39.75H x 24.25W x 21.50D


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  8. Stool THEODORE ALEXANDER William and Mary Buffalo Turned Legs Wavy X-Stretcher

    SKU: TA-1055

    22.25H x 21.50W x 18.50D


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  9. Side Table Queen Anne Round Plantation Cherry Distressed Rubberwood Maple

    SKU: BT-422

    20.25H x 37.75W x 25.75D


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  10. Bench Queen Anne Backless Distressed Olive Ash Burl Urethane Foam Poplar

    SKU: BT-423

    20H x 38W x 18D


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  11. End Table Side Queen Anne Distressed Antique Brass Olive Ash Burl Cherry Walnut

    SKU: BT-429

    24.25H x 21W x 26.50D


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  12. Temple Jar Vase Traditional Antique Pierced White Ceramic

    SKU: SB-1353

    24H x 14W x 14D


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