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The fireplace is the warm heart of a home, welcoming family and friends to gather around and share conversation and laughter.  Fireplaces are also focal points in any room, whether you have one only in the living room or dining room or are lucky enough to have one in your master bedroom too! Some older houses that have been renovated even have one in the bathroom, creating a charming and cozy atmosphere. Discover antique fireplace accessories and antique fireplaces for sale here today! Whether you use an electric fireplace, outdoor fireplace, gas fireplace or others, we've got the fireplace inserts and other decor to enhance this space! From freestanding pieces that take gas logs, to woodburning fireplace mantels or decor for your fire pits, we've got you covered. The ambiance and accessibility provided by these pieces, no matter the fuel type, is a great fit in virtually any home. From log sets to decor for your propane pieces, to decor for your venting and wood stoves, we've got you covered. 

Decorating Ideas

There are many decor ideas for a homeowner to consider when choosing their fireplace decor. Maybe an outdoor fireplace screen could complement your greenery. Other built-in home decor includes brick fireplaces, a perfect design idea for your family room. Perhaps a new fireplace mantle is what you need for your modern fireplace makeover. We have many options in styling, perfect to meet all your fireplace ideas. A farmhouse fireplace paired with a few sconces could be a great centerpiece for your home. 

When you are designing the look of your fireplaces, you will need to take several elements into account, including the mantle, the surround, the screen, and the hearth tools. We have many options available to provide the decorative style that you want and the high-quality functional aspects that you need. 

Lovely Fireplace Accents

A handsome fire mantle and surround are the most important things to start with. As you stare into the flickering flames these elements frame the beautiful glow, so you want to choose pieces that you find attractive and that will work for decades as the anchor to complement the architecture and interior design style of your room. 

For example, you might decide that an antique-inspired decorative mantle and surround boasting stunning crotch mahogany veneers, classic grooved pillars, and ornate brass ornaments will create a noble look in your traditional decor. Brass is a traditional material for the hearth and it has a lovely warm appeal in its luster. 

Next you will choose a screen, which is essential for safety and also an important part of the visual appeal. Our selection includes very traditional styles, in swirling iron with bronze and gold leaf accents, or distressed antique fire screens white flourishes. More modern options have crisp geometric designs that will look terrific in a contemporary or Mid-Century Modern home. 

Finally, our fire irons and hearth tools including vintage coal boxes will add the finishing touch to fireplaces, making them an inviting place for everyone to mingle around the hearth. From decor for your gas stoves to decor for your pellet stoves. Gas fireplace inserts or something for your ventless fireplace. Gas log sets to something for your firebox. At, out selection of fireplace options is crafted to impress.

Other Furniture at

Outside of fireplace design and fireplace decorating, we provide many other options. From collectibles to candle holders, our selection of products is huge. Maybe a candlestick is what you need. Perhaps our eye-catching selection of farmhouse decor, including coffee tables and bookshelves, is what you need. From farmhouse style mantel decor to wood mantels for your living space, we've got what you need.

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Fireplace Accents FAQ

01 What should I put around my fireplace?

Fill the shelves with books, sculptures, baskets, and other small media things, as well as decorative and everyday decor. Then, using fireplace decor such as a modern art piece or a tall plant in front of the fireplace, balance them out.

02 How do you update an old fireplace?

Paint the fireplace that is already there. Paint and wood, such as the mantle and trim, can be used to update an existing fireplace.

03 What goes in front of a fireplace?

Hearth. The horizontal stone floor surface right in front of the firebox opening is referred to as the hearth. A hearth is normally the same width as the firebox and legs put together.

04 What is the area above the fireplace called?

The fireplace mantel, also known as a chimneypiece, began as a cowl that projected over a fire grate to capture the smoke in medieval times. The phrase has come to refer to the decorative framework that surrounds the fireplace, which can contain intricate decorations that stretch to the ceiling.

05 Can I put a TV above the fireplace?

Yes, to put it succinctly. However, to prevent your television from being harmed by the heat, make sure the heat created by the fireplace is channeled away from it. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, including the installation of an appropriate mantel and the construction of a television alcove.


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