Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are just as important in your living room as chandeliers and table lamps. As they are stand-alone light fixtures, they can also be moved around easily if you decide that you want a little more light in one area of a room or another. They are the perfect way to brighten up a dull corner, especially if you choose a decorative one that enhances your interior design scheme. They are also great for adding a pool of light around a reading chair or other sitting area. There are many different types of floor lamp, with differences in what type of lamp shade and light bulbs fit them. One thing is sure when you're buying a standing lamp- it will benefit your home decor. These pieces can even be a great piece for your bath. Whether you're looking for a vintage or modern floor lamp, we've got you covered. With so many new arrivals, we think we've got a piece for every style. 

Floor Lamps for Every Room

If your room doesn’t have great overhead lighting, floor lamps are especially useful and of course they do not need any installation. Because the light comes from above, it can be used to cast a glow over the entire space. Depending on the effect you want, you can select a torchiere floor lamp which directs the light upwards. This bounces the illumination off the ceiling and upper walls to give a soft radiance. Or pick one that casts the light downwards. Some  models also have switches to adjust the dimness and brightness level. 

Floor Lamp Styles Galore

In either style, you can find vintage-style floor lamps that have a second arm with a smaller reading lamp. A piece like this would bring a mid-century appeal to your space. These are terrific for a room where you might want to read in your armchair because and you can turn on just one bulb independently for a cozy evening, shining over you and your bookcases as a reading light. Or just imagine how pleasantly it would light your entryway or home office!

An adjustable floor lamp may be the perfect piece, and could be a great fit in your dining room.

Our selection of contemporary floor lighting includes some of the major names in beautiful lighting.  Perhaps you will choose a hand-crafted art glass design by Dale Tiffany with glowing jewel colors and intricate mosaics of glass including dragonflies. Or perhaps an ornately embellished Wildwood Lamps model is more to your taste, hand-crafted and distressed for a wonderful aged look. Hand-forged wrought iron Currey and Company floor lamps are also very popular with our customers.

Quality Materials

We offer floor lamps made from a variety of materials. If you're in the market for a metal floor lamp, our pieces feature metals such as antique brass and brushed nickel. Other pieces feature a bronze finish. As far as coverings go, we offer fabric shades such as linen shades as well as glass shades. 

Whether you are looking for ambient lighting or accent lighting, we can brighten your life with our fine selection of high-quality floor lamps. 

From drum shade to glass shade, brass floor lamp to bronze floor lamp, shining over dining tables to nightstands, a quality floor lamp brings elegant lighting to your house. Whether you're looking for something vintage, or a contemporary floor lamp,  or maybe something with a marble base, EuroLuxHome.com has you covered.

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Floor Lamps FAQ

01 Where should I put a floor lamp?

You can put a floor lamp in any room that needs quality lighting. You'll probably want to put them in the corners or on the edge of the space, to make sure all your lovely furniture is nice and accessible!

02 How do I choose a floor lamp?

The key is making sure it blends with your existing interior design. Lamps fall under the same style categories as any other furniture. So if you have an Art Deco room, consider and Art Deco lamp!

03 What's the difference between a floor lamp, wall lamp, and table lamp?

Floor lamps have heavy bases and sit on the floor. Wall lamps are mounted on the wall, and table lamps are smaller and meant to be seated on a table.

04 What is the purpose of a floor lamp?

Floor lamps can be used as a stand-alone lighting solution to highlight a specific area in a room or in conjunction with other lights from the same family. They go with any light source, from romantic chandeliers to table lamps.

05 What should I look for in a floor lamp?

Perhaps most significantly, you should choose a floor lamp based on the lighting requirements of the room. To make a decision, consider the three main layers of light: ambient, task, and accent. Perhaps you prefer a warm glow, which a variety of shaded floor lamps can provide.


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