Floor Standing Mirrors

Floor Mirrors

A full length floor mirror could be the piece you need. Perfect for both large and small spaces, these pieces have the ability to enhance your lighting and wall decor such as wall art, picture frames, or bookcases. The wood frame gives you an opportunity to match the pieces with your headboard or other bedroom furniture. Just imagine how the light of a chandelier or candleholder will reflect off of a lovely standing mirror! These can be a great fit anywhere. Use them to enhance your dining room and create a feeling of more space around your dining chairs and dining tables. Or, use them in your bath room for added luxury as you go about your morning routine! However you choose to use our floor standing mirrors, they are sure to become the focal point of your space. With so many new arrivals, we're bound to have something to meet your needs!

The materials used to create these pieces is why they are of such high quality. From brushed nickel to wood mirrors with a black finish, to minimalist wooden frames and white finishes, we've got what you need. From small to large wall mirror, we've got you covered. 

Floor Standing Mirrors FAQ

01 Do floor mirrors distort?

The important thing is that the glass isn't bowed or twisted in any way. Leaning a plain, unframed floor mirror against the wall, on the other hand, may cause it to flex and, as a result, distort your image.

02 What makes a high quality mirror?

When shopping for a high-quality mirror, consider the following three factors: glass quality, mirror thickness, and mirror silvering. In terms of glass quality, check to determine if the mirror's glass is free of flaws and does not distort reflections. A flat surface is required on the glass.

03 What is a floor mirror?

A floor mirror is just a mirror that sits on the floor, rather than being mounted to the wall. It's not a floor itself. These pieces of home decor stand upright, all on their own!

04 Where should I put my floor mirror?

Usually you'll want to put your floor mirror on the edge of your room. Not only does this keep it out of harm's way, but also adds extra light and creates the feeling of more space.

05 What styles of mirror does EuroLuxHome.com have in stock?

We have dozens of floor mirror styles available. For your antique needs, we offer Victorian, Art Deco, and Rococo floor mirrors. We also have more modern styles, such as Mid-Century Modern!

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