Florida Road Trip 2: Antique Louis XVI Dining Chairs

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Florida Road Trip 2: Antique Louis XVI Dining Chairs

I hope you enjoy the next step in our Florida road trip… to deliver a set of Louis XVI antique dining chairs. In my last blog post I wrote about our trip to South Florida -- where I grew up -- to deliver a vintage Renaissance cabinet. Greg and I often joke that once we decide to take a road trip, it we always end up selling other pieces along the route. In this case, we were already heading to Lakeland, Florida. Twila, an interior designer, reached out to us about a gorgeous set of twelve antique Louis XVI dining chairs she was interested in buying for her client Margaret in Jacksonville.

antique French Louis XVI dining chairs from EuroLuxHome.com

Margaret immigrated to the United States from Poland, and grew up in a home filled with beautiful European antiques as a child. It has been her dream to have her own French Chateau-inspired home. These French dining chairs made that dream a reality, with an antique luxury not seen in most modern dining chairs! One thing is sure- this dining chairs set is a sight to behold.

Chateau style home in Florida

As we drove up to the circular cobblestone driveway to Margaret’s house, we certainly were impressed. The classic French architectural styling of the home was impressive. The place was complete with wrought iron railings and a romantic balcony! The formal landscaping just adds to the je ne sais quoi!

Quality Antique Dining Chairs

Dining Room with Antique French Louis

The set of twelve antique Louis XVI dining room chairs that Margaret and Twila selected are hand-carved in walnut. These pieces are crafted with a rich butterscotch leather upholstery, and date to around the late 19th century. These wood dining chairs demonstrate excellent craftsmanship, and could be perfect in your bistro or as kitchen chairs. These leather dining chairs look amazing with the large circular antique dining table in the dining room, which appears to be made from a quality wood such as antique mahogany or carved walnut. The butterscotch leather looks very pretty with the soft golden yellow walls and draperies. We could even see customers using this antique style dining chairs as a set of side chairs for the living room. 

Antique French Louis XVI dining chairs

The formal dining room also features a gorgeous Louis XV French Country Sideboard and a large, hand-carved Louis XV French Country mirror that pair perfectly with the antique table and antique chairs. The pretty herringbone parquet flooring and the romantic candelabra sconces and large crystal chandelier add more formal elegance. But the view of the formal garden through the series of large French doors steals the show! 

French Dining Done Right

We hope that Margaret enjoys the antique Louis XVI dining chairs in her beautiful home. We think they conjure up the old European mood that she enjoys!  Antique furniture like this is a sight to behold, and doesn't have to be used only in antique dining rooms. We've seen quality antique seating used in customers' 20th century and mid century modern inspired setups.

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