Florida Road Trip 3: Antique Henry II Dining Chairs

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Florida Road Trip 3: Antique Henry II Dining Chairs

After Greg and I decided to take a road trip to Florida to make a delivery to the Orlando area, Katrina in Alva, FL, purchased this handsome set of six antique Henry II dining chairs in our Etsy store. We were delighted that we could include this delivery to the Ft. Myers area on the way to visit my home town of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

This style is one of our absolute favorites. From 19th century accent chairs to circa 20th century Louis XV and Louis XVI seating options, this style is great. Whether you're in the market for Italian, Regency, or French Dining Chairs, the solid oak or teak construction is sure to impress.

antique French Henry II dining chairs

We love this style of antique Renaissance Henry II dining chairs and buy as many sets as we can find during our antiques buying trips to France. We recently sold a similar set to the television show, Ozark. You can read about that delivery trip here.

This particular set of antique Henry II dining chairs is especially nice. The scale is a bit larger than most. These antique chairs are carved in walnut and they show the patina of age on the wood frames. This is the kind of finish that you cannot buy in new furniture. The dining chairs date to around 1890 so they have certainly earned their patina!

embossed leather on antique Henry II dining chairs

The original embossed leather featured was especially detailed. There are scrolls, floral elements, roaring lion faces and even dragonflies!

A Lovely Estate

When we pulled up to this amazing estate right on the river, we were stunned by the absolutely beautiful location! Katrina explained she is the caretaker of her brother's estate. The whole family lives on the compound - her children were out mowing the grass when we pulled up. There is a huge pool with a water slide and waterfall on the side of this palatial home that faces the river.

And what a stunning view indeed! It seemed like paradise to us. Katrina explained that her brother had won the lottery after much hardship in his life and he has given her free reign to decorate the estate. Luckily for us, Katrina loves heavily-carved antique furniture - our specialty.

embossed leather on antique Henry II dining chairs

We ooohed and ahhhed over several pieces in her home on the way to place these regal chairs. We put them at a wrought iron table in the middle of the great room, right off of the kitchen. They fit right in with her Renaissance style decor!

antique Henry II dining chairs in dining room

She had recently painted the wall black and it really does create quite a dramatic effect with the marble floors and ornate, hand-carved built-in bookcases and mantel. The dark leather on the antique dining chairs blends in nicely with the black leather upholstery on the sofas in the great room.

Greg and I reminded ourselves to stop and buy a lottery ticket as we drove out of the compound gates! Next stop was my hometown of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida!

As we drove away from the family living in their beautiful estate, we were delighted to know that the set of French antique Henry II dining chairs had found such a happy home.

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