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  1. Elegant Halloween Decor: Black and White Thrills
    Luxury Home Design | Food & Entertaining

    Elegant Halloween Decor: Black and White Thrills

    As I said last year in my Vintage Halloween post, Greg and I don't make a big celebration of Halloween, although we usually watch a creepy movie. But even those of us who don't want to festoon our homes with plastic spiders can still get 'into the spirit' of Halloween with these elegant Halloween decor ideas. An easy way to...

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  2. Tapestries at Wedmore Place Hotel Williamsburg Winery
    French Antique Furniture | Food & Entertaining

    Tapestries at Wedmore Place Hotel Williamsburg Winery

    Wedmore Place is a country hotel at the Williamsburg Winery in Virginia. We noticed that some of the tapestries adorning their guest rooms are made by the same company as the tapestries we stock! Just to rewind a moment, we recently began selling some stunning new tapestries, inspired by formal European tapestries but made by a family-owned American company. The...

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  3. Heirloom Tomato Harvest
    Food & Entertaining

    Heirloom Tomato Harvest

    There are so many delicious ways to enjoy the tomato harvest. Heirloom tomatoes are especially fun to cook with and they look beautiful displayed in a rustic wooden bowl on a kitchen counter. Or if you choose heirloom tomato varieties with different colors, create a vibrant centerpiece just by arranging them in a simple glass dish on the dining table...

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  4. Things We Love: Homemade Christmas Fragrance
    Food & Entertaining

    Things We Love: Homemade Christmas Fragrance

    We've already shared some of our favorite recipes for Christmas cookies. Now we'll make the house smell delicious with our homemade Christmas fragrance! Greg's mom Kathy loves having all of the family come home for Christmas. Greg's sister, Laura, and her family moved to Ohio several years ago, so it is great to have everyone back in South Carolina for...

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  5. Christmas Cookies and Franklin Nut Cake
    Food & Entertaining

    Christmas Cookies and Franklin Nut Cake

    We are so lucky at this time of year! Kathy makes tray after tray after tray of Christmas cookies - she likes to give out gifts of cookies to the neighbors. Kathy is Greg's mom and also our Mrs Fixit who handles all our restorations. Of course, she can't stand the idea of her family not being able to eat...

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  6. Christmas Table Decorations
    Food & Entertaining

    Christmas Table Decorations

    I always love making the house festive for the holidays. Dreaming up new ideas for our Christmas table decorations is especially fun, and a great way to get into the holiday mood. I enjoyed browsing these creative Christmas table decorations, and I hope they will inspire your ho-ho-ho-holiday spirit too! The rich burst of red is a seasonal tradition, but...

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  7. Celebrating Beaujolais Nouveau Day!
    Antique Reproduction Furniture | Food & Entertaining

    Celebrating Beaujolais Nouveau Day!

    Beaujolais Nouveau Day is around the corner, on November 21, 2013. That's the day that this year's Beaujolais Nouveau wines are released and festivals and events take place across Europe and in U.S. cities from Boston to Seattle. The French are protective about their wine. In fact, it's written into French law that each year's Beaujolais Nouveau cannot be released...

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  8. Things We Love: Elsie's Oyster Stew Recipe & Uncle Dick's Bloody Mary
    Food & Entertaining

    Things We Love: Elsie's Oyster Stew Recipe & Uncle Dick's Bloody Mary

    I love spending time with family during the holidays. This Thanksgiving, Greg and I look forward to traveling to Maryland to visit my family. We're looking forward to it so much, I want to share my grandmother's Oyster Stew recipe with you and my uncle's wonderful Bloody Mary! My grandmother, Elsie, lives in Westminster and I've always loved going to...

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