Bookshelf: French Country Style

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Bookshelf: French Country Style

Who doesn't wish they could live in a French Country house? If we can't actually move to France to live in the beautiful rolling countryside, then we can at least recreate this timeless and charming style in our home decor. The French Country look is elegant but still comfortable, welcoming and easy to live with. These recently published books explore what gives your home the French Country look and summon up the easy-going Country House style.

French Country Style Cottage

French Country CottageAuthor Courtney Allison shows the story of how she renovated her 1940's cottage in California with a romantic interpretation of French Country style.  The rural cottage had been abandoned before Allison brought her magic touch to it, filling it with a combination of rustic and refined element to evoke the feeling of a French Country home.

Allison includes antique furniture in her home... of course! Antiques and vintage pieces are important to this look to give the romantic aged effect of heirlooms and things collected over the years. Other key elements include a muted color palette and fixtures such as vintage door knobs. Allison also believes that every room should have a beautiful chandelier! We agree with you, Allison!

French Country: Collected & Timeless Charm

French Country Collected and Timeless CharmMore than 100 photographs of genuine French homes are sure to inspire readers with plenty of ways to add the French Country look to their own homes.

The dreamy color palettes, antique furniture, vintage styling and gorgeous details add up to a wonderful sense of visual delight and relaxed living,  As well as interiors, the book explores the open-air lifestyle in French gardens too.

Nora Murphy's Country House Style: Making your Home a Country House

Country House StyleAlthough Murphy's book doesn't focus solely on French Country style, she does show readers the universal elements of the comforting and laid-back country living look. These translate to any country house influenced interior.  Murphy shows how she has used the style in her own home as well as in other homes, from the city to the village, from the sea to the woods and the mountains.

Sometimes it is the little things that make all the big difference in a room. Murphy's book is packed with inspiration for a relaxed and refined countrified space.

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