Gothic Chandeliers: Castles, Dragons, Romance

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Gothic Chandeliers: Castles, Dragons, Romance
With Halloween just around the corner, we've been admiring the Gothic chandeliers and other spooky light fixtures in our gallery. They would make great talking points at a Halloween party, but of course vintage Gothic chandeliers add character and Old World atmosphere to a home at any time of year. Here are some of our favorite Gothic chandeliers from all the lighting in our gallery right now and others that give a sense of Gothic novel romance. Which is your favorite?

Game of Thrones Gothic ChandelierGame of Thrones fans will love the fantasy castle carved on this vintage 1930 French Brittany style chandelier. The four castle turrets rise up to create magical, mysterious drama and the castle even boasts drawbridges to support the five copper lamps. It hangs from chunky chains that look like they've been dragged straight from the castle dungeons!

Dragon Gothic ChandelierThere be dragons! Six carved dragons "breathe fire" into the electric candles of this fabulous 1950 French Gothic chandelier. The dragons with ornate wings suspend from metal chains from the oak ceiling cap. The dark oak wood and metal chains add to the medieval fantasy flavor, but we've found that the dragons are quite tame! Eagle Gothic ChandelierFrom dragons to eagles! Six fabulous Gothic carved eagles perch atop this awesome chandelier, holding the glass shades in their beaks. The six lights cast a moody glow on the wise and powerful eagles as they watch over the world below. The 1950 French Gothic chandelier is carved in oak and the dark wood truly accents the striking silhouette of the eagles for maximum drama. Boho style Mission chandelierHere's a rather more romantic chandelier for Lords and Ladies of mystery. You can imagine it starring in a Gothic novel, lighting the ballroom in a mansion on the misty moors! Six decoratively wrought arms and sensuously designed curlicues and serpenting s-shapes create the thrilling allure of this quite sexy 1950 French black metal chandelier. Flowing velvet gowns are optional.

Heavy French Gothic Chandlier 1950The classic appeal of this large and heavy 1950 French Gothic chandelier is enhanced by the coachlight-style body. It summons up images of a ghostly horse-drawn coach racing through the night, driven by a shadowy black-cowled figure cracking his whip! The frosted glass lamps and spiky finials on the aged brass-tone metal all add to the cool Gothic chandelier vibe.

Don't be a phantom! Tell us in the comments box below: Which one of these spooky, dramatic, or just plain Gothic novel romantic chandeliers gives you thrills? For more information on chandeliers and chandelier styles, check out our guide here.
what is brittany style gothic furniture chandelier vintage
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