What to Look for in Vintage or Antique Chandeliers

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What to Look for in Vintage or Antique Chandeliers

At EuroLuxHome.com, we know that purchasing an antique vintage chandelier is an investment, not just for your wallet, but for the décor of your home. After all, we've been selling antique chandeliers on our website for years. As furniture experts, we cannot emphasize enough the role that quality lighting plays in making your furniture shine.

We pride ourselves in the quality chandeliers that we offer, we hand-select all of our antiques to ensure the highest of quality. The stunning pieces that we import are professionally restored and cleaned. Our website makes it easy to find exactly what you need. You can sort our available chandeliers by size, style, material and color.

Quality chandeliers highlight details and enhances the color of your interior design, making it an essential piece for any space. But before you jump in and make a purchase, there's a few things you should know about vintage chandeliers.

What defines a chandelier?

Believe it or not, a chandelier can be a lot of things. Chandelier is a term used to refer to any hanging light with multiple bulbs, which leaves much room for the interpretation of the craftsmen who create them. The image that's probably in your head is a sparkling, elegant crystal chandelier.

Many of the light fixtures at EuroLuxHome.com are made of metal such as brass, bronze, silver, and iron. Some of these lighting fixtures are so old that they bolstered use of candle light. These are professionally converted to bolster modern electricity. Each style of ceiling fixture has its merits, and the best choice depends on the aesthetic of your home décor. If you would like to further explore the many different types and styles of chandeliers, click here.

Antique Chandeliers vs. Vintage Chandeliers?

When purchasing a quality chandelier, it is important to know what exactly you are buying. There are many different styles and designs of antiques. When looking at quality chandeliers, we will hear words like 'antique' and 'vintage'. There is a difference between these two, although their dictionary definitions are quite similar. Click here to read more about the difference between vintage and antique.

Why vintage chandeliers and antique chandeliers, and not other styles of lighting?

There are 2 major benefits when it comes to vintage chandeliers and antique chandeliers: elegance and versatility.

When you are ready to start purchasing an antique vintage chandelier, it is important to do your research to understand exactly you are buying. Quality chandeliers, and especially the styles that are found at EuroLux, are regal and unmatched by other fixtures.

A luxurious antique chandelier is essentially a status symbol. Adding one to your space can bring a Hollywood mansion feeling to any home. For an extra sparkle, we'd recommend going with a piece with pendants (the individual lights)crafted from glass or crystal. These translucent materials reflect light and create a shimmering mirror effect in your space.

With such a wide range of styles of chandelier in the world, you have options. This breadth of styles makes it more likely to find the right fit. If a metal finish fits your room best, a piece exists for you.

What types of vintage or antique chandeliers are available?

As mentioned before, you've got options when it comes to vintage and antique chandeliers. If you're looking for quality glass lighting, you can't do much better than a Murano Chandelier.

Murano is a special kind of Italian glass well known for its quality and durability. This type of glass is essentially the peak of the craft. Murano pieces tend to be some of the more attention grabbing quality chandeliers. We'd recommend making one the focal point of a large room, such as a living room.

Vintage Chandelier
Murano Chandelier

For something a little more understated, we'd recommend going with an antique brass chandelier. You'll still get the sparkle from crystal or cut glass pendants that look like crystal drops, but these pieces tend to be a little less aggressive. Pieces like this complement a room rather than dominate it. These are good for your dining room, and would make a statement suspended from the ceiling over your table, casting a regal light over dinner with guests.

More Styles

Gothic chandeliers are styled after large fixtures that are seen in historic castles. A gothic chandelier typically has garnishes of thick chains and heavy carvings. Gothic fixtures are in many Medieval movies and shows, such as game of thrones. These fixtures feature wood or wrought iron and tend to have spiky finials or medieval mythical animals, such as dragons, carved into them. These classic fixtures tend to be large and heavy.

A Flemish style chandelier is easily spotted by its curves and S-Shaped arm designs. They tend to have many long arms and a round body. Above all, these fixtures add elegance with their many curves. Most of the time, Flemish chandeliers of solid brass and boast a phenomenal patina.

There are also a variety of mid century, vintage styles available for both of these categories, such as bohemian chandeliers, if you'd like a slightly more modern vibe. We even offer ceiling fixtures with lights meant to imitate the glow of a candle. Glass shades are popular enhancements to the many different chandelier styles.

We could write an entire book about the various types of antique chandeliers in the world. There are plenty of styles we didn't cover available on our website here.

What are some quality chandelier brands?

Some of the most popular and tested brands include Elegant Lighting, Chelsea House, and Currey & Company. EuroLuxHome.com is proud to carry all of them. We've been in this business for a long time, so we know what quality lighting looks like. These brands fit the bill.

These companies do not offer antique lighting. These brands do offer lighting fixtures that are based off of the style of different antiques. The classic styles form over the centuries can also be new pieces. If you have a specific style in mind please let us know, we would be happy to help you find the perfect antique or new piece for your home.

Quality Chandeliers

Nothing accentuates your antique furniture like a quality antique or vintage chandelier. EuroLuxHome.com has a wide variety of vintage or antique chandeliers available for purchase. Add a historical treasure to your home. Create a stunning centerpiece or add a subtle sconce to accent your room.

Whether you are looking for a very specific lighting piece or are just browsing for inspiration, EuroLux Home can help. Don't see what you're looking for on our website? Feel free to reach out to us and we would be happy to help look for a piece suited to your needs.

Adding the Perfect Light Fixture to Your Home

Are you looking for the perfect ornate antique light fixture to adorn the ceiling of your dining room or over a kitchen island? EuroLux Home has all your lighting needs, offering you one of the largest collections of high-quality antique and vintage lighting in the market. Whether you're searching for antique vintage ceiling lighting or vintage wall light fixtures, we've got your ceiling covered with the best selection of antique lights from around Europe. Furthermore, as a popular antique lighting online store, we offer you a variety of choices. No need to spend hours in the car, going from antique mall after antique store. Just sit back and browse our light fixture inventory from the comfort of your own home and let us ship it directly to your home, packed with care and fully insured.

Visit our antique vintage chandelier page here, and feel free to reach out with any questions about our products, or antique chandeliers in general. We know that choosing a light fixture for a room can be an exciting challenge, we would love to help you find your perfect chandelier. Remember that EuroLux Home offers free shipping within the continental US and some parts of Canada.

gothic furniture chelsea house home decor chandelier vintage currey and company lighting
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