This unpretentious interior design style was born out of industrial spaces that were remodeled into apartments and studios. Warehouses and factories were transformed into cool urban lofts, and the decor style had to match! Typically these spaces have large windows that look out over the cityscape, exposed beams and pipework and other architecture, and the spaces are large and open plan. As such, modern Industrial style furniture is also often quite large and sturdy, in order to meet the scale of the room.  However, even if you don’t live in an urban loft, you can incorporate elements of this design style into your home, or furnish a single room in this way. Kitchens, offices, art studios and writing studios, laundry rooms and other spaces that have a specific utilitarian use are often good candidates for a minimalist Industrial decor makeover. The look emerged out of utilitarian spaces, so it makes sense!

Modern Industrial style furniture and home accessories are typically minimalist in spirit, with strong lines and clean surfaces – there is nothing frilly about this look! The gritty feel is enhanced by the substantial materials used in architecture and furniture: wood, concrete, stone, brick and metal. Exposed brick walls, concrete floors, and furniture combining wood and metal are perfect. Metals are gray, silver or black in tone, and usually matte or very polished. Brass and copper tones can work too, but nothing in a glamorous gold. This is not the place for ostentation or bling! A weathered or distressed finish can also work well. Woods are generally more rough and natural in appearance, rather than with a highly polished finish.

Found and salvaged pieces are key to the look, showing an appreciation for the beauty in everyday functional objects. This is the ideal opportunity to mix vintage and new, and incorporate repurposed and upcycled pieces and reclaimed wood. You will find unique upcycled lighting and reclaimed wood pieces on our website.

Perfect for a casual lifestyle, the minimalist Industrial decor style focuses on neutral colors such as gray, black, white, and browns, and these neutrals are layered in tones to give visual interest to the space. Leather sofas and chairs are a good match for this style. 

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