Wall Lamps

Wall Lamps

A number of antique style wall lamps are available in South Carolina in different styles and shapes. These colorful fixtures are wall supported and they beautifully light up your hallways and corridors. Wall sconces do not require much space and are used to provide extra light to these places. You can buy our modern contemporary sconces to enhance the look of your bedrooms as well. 

Why Wall Lamps?

There are many ...

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Wall Lamps FAQ

01 Do wall sconces provide enough light?

A wall sconce doesn't need to offer a lot of light, or lumens, in most situations. In the bathroom, though, a pair of brighter-bulb wall sconces flanking the mirror over the lavatory or vanity can give ample light for grooming while also contributing to the room's styling, or d?cor.

02 How do I pick wall lighting?

The optimum height for wall lights is roughly 5ft (or around 1.5m) above the ground as a general rule of thumb, though this can vary depending on the proportions of the room. If the top of the light is at eye level, make sure you choose a light that looks nice in the room.

03 How much wall lighting do I need?

One fixture every 8 to 10 feet should suffice, though the lumen output and size of the room and fixtures may necessitate somewhat more or less space. A more natural layout is to stagger the lights so that they don't line up across the hallway.


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  1. DALE TIFFANY VALLEY Vanity Lights 3-Light Antique Golden Bronze Hand-Blown Art

    SKU: DY-1521

    9H x 24.50W x 7L

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  2. DALE TIFFANY HUNTERS Wall Sconce 1-Light Silver Black Metal Mosaic Art Glass

    SKU: DY-1809

    27H x 5.75W x 7L

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  3. DALE TIFFANY BARKLEY Wall Sconce Elongated Flared Shade Square Backing Plate

    SKU: DY-1814

    10.50H x 6W x 6.25L

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  4. DALE TIFFANY DIJON Wall Sconce Rectangular Backing Plate Round Shade 1-Light

    SKU: DY-1931

    13.75H x 8W x 9.25L

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  5. DALE TIFFANY KENYA Wall Sconce Inverted Bell Shade Round Backing Plate Scrolled

    SKU: DY-1933

    17.50H x 9W x 11L

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  6. DALE TIFFANY SULLIVAN Wall Sconce Traditional Antique Polished Chrome Metal

    SKU: DY-560

    11H x 10W x 12L

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  7. DALLAS Wall Lamp Sconce 2-Light Crystal Clear Chrome Glass Metal Wire Royal-Cut

    SKU: EL-13481

    14H x 7.80W x 4D

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  8. CYAN DESIGN OLIVIA Wall Sconce 3-Light Cognac Chrome Gold Leaf Iron Bronze 40W

    SKU: CY-2307

    13.25H x 14.50W x 8.75D

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  9. Sconce Wall 3/4 Shade 1-Light Antique Gold Ivory White/Cream Silk Line Switch

    SKU: CH-3967

    58H x 9W x 16D

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  10. Wall Sconce Rustic Set 2 Metal Brass Bronze

    SKU: ZT-831

    27.50H x 16.50W x 7D

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