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Kittens on the Doorstep

News cats & dogs downtown newberry sc
Kittens on the Doorstep

Back in May, I came home from teaching yoga and found three little kittens on my doorstep! As you may already know, we have a zoo; we’re up to three dogs, including Ernie the rambunctious Great Dane puppy, and five crazy cats – all of which are rescues.

I also have my “feline soup kitchen” which is where I feed all of the strays in the neighborhood on my front sidewalk. One of my “soup kitchen” recipients, a feral calico with a bobbed tail who I’ve nicknamed Bob (short for Roberta), decided that I was such a kind-hearted woman that she’d bring her three kittens and leave them on my doorstep! We actually have a sculpture of an Eiffel tower next to the front door and they were hiding out under the tower. Did the Universe really want me to have three more cats?!

Bob continued to hang out with the kittens by the front door so we put out food and water. When we saw that the kittens were eating solid food, I caught them and gave them baths as they were completely covered in fleas. We took them to our EuroLux Home antiques gallery on Main Street in Newberry, South Carolina, where we kept them isolated from the rest of the gang as they had not yet had immunizations. We began giving them lots of love to socialize them with humans and within a few days, you would have never known they were born feral!

Greg kept them in his office and they continually knocked his pens to the ground and scattered all of the paper on his desk. He gave them bad reviews as co-workers!

We began posting photos of them on Facebook to see if someone would give them a good home and our friend Amy, who has a farm, admitted she has a soft spot in her heart for ginger kittens. She couldn’t decide which orange kitten she liked best, so we offered a package deal – if she took both we’d pay for the shots and the neutering! Now Milo and Bo have a very happy home with a little boy named Fisher who loves them very much!

Aimee with Milo and Bo

As for the little black female, she bewitched Greg with her wiles and she now has a home with us. Her name is Izzy (short for Isabelle) and she joins Ozzy, Fozzy, and Minkey at the Gallery. Lenny and Squiggy live at our house as Lenny prefers not be around cats. Nine animals now – we are truly a zoo!

cats & dogs downtown newberry sc
Aimee @ EuroLux Home

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