Legend of Asia

Legend of Asia

Legend of Asia promises “antique style for modern living” and certainly the company draws on a rich Asian heritage for its exceptional designs. The company creates Asian-inspired hand-made furniture and home decor, porcelain vases, jars, garden stools, and decorative accessories. The silhouettes are always elegant, the colors always beautiful, and the details always just so. 

Asian style has been popular across the globe for centuries, first of all influencing European interiors hundreds of years ago, before traveling further across the oceans to bring its unique decorative look to the Americas. Asian furniture and home accessories range from sleek and serene streamlined Japanese designs to more ornate and embellished Chinese pieces. You can be sure that one or other will blend beautifully into your home, giving a vibrant lift to Traditional, Modern or Contemporary interior design schemes. 

What products are available from Legend of Asia? 

As far as tables go, they have a wide selection of handmade dining tables, console tables, end tables, and coffee tables, perfect for your living room or bedroom. To add a special gleam to your dining or living room, we'd recommend browsing their chandeliers, which are beautifully made. They also have floor decor pieces such as area rugs, as well as other assorted decor such as wall art. The options are virtually limitless. 

They also offer larger pieces of furniture such as bookcases or even an armoire. 

Classic Chinoiserie includes exquisite painted ceramics, including the traditional style blue and white bowls, vases, ginger jars and other ceramics. Imagine how lovely a white porcelain temple jar would look on your tabletop! The artistry of attractively painted porcelain garden stools and decorative ceramic table lamps will bring a unique flair to your home and garden. The brand’s brushstroke porcelain collection and most of its other porcelain collections are all high fire porcelain that is hand-made and hand-painted by small family concerns. 

Legend of Asia Furniture Available at EuroLuxHome.com

Traditional colors include pure blues, vibrant corals and reds, watery greens, clean whites and earthy browns. Symbols rich with meaning adorn the pieces, such as flamboyant dragons, foo dogs, noble lions, graceful goldfish, Mandarin ducks, magpies and other birds, and the always delicate lotus. A meditating Buddha will create a serene atmosphere while charming Chinese symbols of longevity are intended to bestow good fortune on your family. 

If your home is your temple, then make it as beautiful as it can possibly be with the gracious and uplifting ceramics and home accessories created by Legend Of Asia. From loveseats to nightstands to a porcelain jar with a plum blossom motif, this brand has it all.

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Legend of Asia FAQ

01 What does Legend of Asia offer?

They feature a large selection of handmade dining tables, console tables, end tables, and coffee tables, all of which would look great in your living room or bedroom. We propose perusing their chandeliers, which are superbly created, to bring a special sparkle to your dining or living area. They also have items for the floor, such as area rugs, as well as other decor, such as wall art. The possibilities are practically endless.

02 Does EuroLux offer Legend of Asia furniture?

Our selection of Legend of Asia products is one of the largest on the market. See what we mean here!

03 Why Legend of Asia?

Legend of Asia promises "antique style for modern living" and its outstanding designs undoubtedly draw on a rich Asian heritage. Handcrafted Asian-inspired furniture and home furnishings, as well as porcelain vases, jars, garden stools, and ornamental accessories, are all available. The silhouettes are always graceful, the colors are always lovely, and the details are always impeccable.


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  1. Vase Prunus Colors May Vary Oxblood Red Variable Porcelain Polished Nickel

    SKU: LA-335

    39H x 16W x 16D


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  2. Temple Jar Vase Fish Extra Large Colors May Vary White Blue Variable Porcelain

    SKU: LA-73

    44H x 19W x 19D


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  3. Temple Jar Vase Fish White Colors May Vary Variable Handmade Carved

    SKU: LA-6

    27H x 15W x 15D


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  4. Sculpture Coral Creation Blue Acrylic Base

    SKU: LA-573

    15H x 18W x 12D


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  5. Planter Vase Kylin Dragon Bowl White Blue Colors May Vary Variable Handmade

    SKU: LA-32

    21.50H x 22W x 22D


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  6. Sculpture Banacle Coral Creation Light Pink Acrylic Handmade Hand-C

    SKU: LA-1267

    15H x 22W x 14D


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  7. Sculpture Cup Coral Creation Colors May Vary Variable Acrylic Base Handmade

    SKU: LA-591

    15H x 20W x 14D


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  8. Temple Jar Vase Vine Floral Lion Lid Black Ceramic Handmade Hand-Cr

    SKU: LA-1392

    31H x 16W x 16D


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  9. Sculpture Branch Coral Extra Large Acrylic Base

    SKU: LA-584

    14H x 20W x 12D


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  10. Vase Warrior Riding Horse Asian Lidded Plum Blue Colors May Vary White Variable

    SKU: LA-270

    41.50H x 16.50W x 16.50D


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  11. Vase Fishtail Fish Extra Large Colors May Vary Variable Crystal Shell Handmade

    SKU: LA-475

    53H x 15W x 15D


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  12. Planter Vase Sunflower Leave Floral Small White Blue Porcelain

    SKU: LA-1505

    17H x 25W x 25D


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