Living Room Seating

Living Room Seating

The living room is what makes a house a home. Whether you're entertaining guests or spending time with family, the furniture of your space can make or break the experience. At, quality and comfort are key, which means that great living room seating is a must-have.


The sofa is often a centerpiece of a living room. That's why we spend so much time trying to find the best ones. All of our sofas are crafted from the best leather and fabric, ensuring the ideal sitting experience. No matter what your preference of upholstery, cushion, or style you're looking for, chances are we have a sofa that suits your needs.

Living Room Chairs is proud to offer a wide selection of living room chairs. While antiques are our specialty, If you're looking for a luxurious seat, consider an arm chair. From cushion to upholstery, our collection of arm chairs is immense, and for many of these pieces, we can offer a matching ottoman.

If versatility in your living room furniture is important to you, look no further than our reclining chair! Perfect for naps, movies, and more, a quality recliner can become your favorite chair, bringing the ultimate comfort to your family room.

As far as smaller chairs, one of our most popular options is a wingback chair. This living room chair combines portability with a widened back for extra support.

If you'd like something that turns, consider browsing for a swivel chair. If you need even more extra seating, we can provide an accent chair for additional prestige. The perfect accent chair set can add life and atmosphere to any living room.

For those looking for additional seating to entertain guests, we would recommend an occasional chair set.

Maybe your taste is a mix between casual and class. For this taste, we'd recommend browsing for a barrel chair or club chair. These chairs provide top notch quality to your living space, while also creating a casual feeling that creates a sense of comfort in the room.

We have styles of chair for every taste. From tapered legs to cabriole legs. From leather to fabric. From oak to upholstery. Regardless of what you're in the market for, we are confident that something in our extensive collection has the ability to become your new favorite chair.

For any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach out to the owners via our chat window on, or email us at [email protected].

Living Room Seating FAQ

01 How much seating should a living room have?

If space allows, at the very least, you should aim for at least four to five seats in your living area. In a typical home, this usually takes the form of a sofa and two club chairs.

02 How far should a couch be from the wall?

Don't cram all of your belongings against the walls. Pull your sofa (or other sitting) away from the wall by at least 12 inches. Instead of generating a big lot of odd empty space in the middle, it will make the area appear more inviting and homey.

03 How should I arrange my seating?

Depends on the room! For your living room, we suggest arranging your seating around your centerpiece, whether that's a coffee table or entertainment system. It may also be worth getting some side chairs to accomodate more guests.

04 Where can I find antique seating? offers a wide variety of antique and vintage seating. Our selection includes side chairs, recliners, sofas, dining chairs and more! We also offer a lovely selection of accent chairs.

05 What seating should I put in the living room?

You can't go wrong with an antique sofa from our selection. If you're planning on accomodating more guests in your living room, we suggest a set of side chairs or accent chairs to keep your company cozy!