Lunabella provides some of the highest quality home decor and lighting on the market. Each piece is a work of art, adding a delightful touch to your interior design. What stands out about this brand is just how unique its designs are. The unique shapes and materials they use to create their pieces is fascinating- it really makes ones consider how much effort and craftsmanship must have gone into its creation. 

Lunabella Lighting

This brand is a great way to spice up the lighting of any room. The design choices are virtually unlimited, from plain metal to silver finish. If you're looking to make a statement with your light fixture, we'd recommend one of this brand's amazing chandeliers. These chandeliers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Maybe you're in the market for a grandiose piece, with lots of colorful pendants that will be the centerpiece of your room. Maybe you'd like a smaller and more understated piece, but one that still adds beauty.

Lunabella also has  wide selection of table lamps available. These table lamps are some of their most creative pieces. Unique bulb shapes, intriguing bends in the metal working, and fascinating base design make these table lamps a perfect fit for your bedroom or home office. Just imagine being able to work by the light of such a work of art! 

Floor lamps are also available, providing the perfect glow for any room where you choose to place it. Other lighting options include sconces, which are a great way to add light to your wall or patio. 

Lunabella Decor

Lunabella also brings you assorted decor options in a reasonable price range. Some of their most popular accessories include their selections of clocks. These clocks, like their lighting, boast an incredibly unique design that can only have come from Lunabella. Not only is the shape lovely, these pieces have a shimmer to them as well. 

There are simply too many options with Lunabella to begin to cover them all here. They have furniture, lighting, and interesting decor, in all sorts of styles, at regular prices. This kind of creativity is what we look for in a brand- we want to be able to offer products that have their own unique swagger. Lunabella meets this requirement, which is why it's such an honor to carry their work here at

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Lunabella FAQ

01 When was Lunabella founded?

Luna Bella is a lighting and furniture company that specializes in heirloom quality for the most opulent homes. It has been their objective to create timeless products since their inception in 1996.

02 What is unique about Lunabella products?

Committed to old world workmanship and quality, each proprietary design is handcrafted in our Miami, Florida facility, allowing them?to create their own distinct style that is difficult to describe or mimic. Luna Bella, Inc. was known for its distinctive blend of soft elegance and industrial chic long before it became fashionable.

03 Does EuroLux offer Lunabella?

We are proud to offer such a finely crafted selection of Lunabella products here at EuroLux. Discover your new favorite piece here.

04 Where can I find Lunabella products?

Lunabella products can be found in galleries in High Point, Las Vegas, and on our online store!


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