Mahogany Secretary Desk

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Mahogany Secretary Desk
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Our customer, Raymond, is thrilled with his new secretary desk! This fantastic new desk and bookshelf, inspired by Old World European furniture designs, will look fantastic in your home. The piece, which stands nearly 8 feet tall and is capped with a swirling scroll pediment, is crafted with a stunning mahogany finish. Individual beveled glass panes adorn the bookcase over the desk in an attractive pattern. The secretary desk unfolds to show a leather writing surface, as well as numerous drawers and pigeonholes, as well as a middle cabinet, to keep your writing utensils and documents organized. Even extra storage is available in the lower drawers. The secretary desk and bookcase's old-fashioned look is enhanced by brass-tone fittings. It stands on carved bracket feet that not only look great, but also make cleaning below the desk a breeze! The new secretary desk and bookcase has a height of 92 inches, a width of 38 inches, and a depth of 20 inches.

What is a Secretary Desk?

Despite its name, a secretary desk is more commonly found in homes than in businesses. The secretary desk's fundamental design consists of a set of drawers topped by a fold-out desk, with a set of shelves or a hutch sitting on top. The basic design is fairly old; preserved antique examples from the 1500s and maybe earlier imply that the desk was commonly used at the period. Many people keep a secretary desk at home to use as a small workplace or a family organizing area. Modern offices tend to use a different styled desk design with more room to spread out and slightly less private storage, but many people keep a secretary desk at home to use as a small workplace or as a family organizing area.

Where Should I Put My Secretary Desk?

They can be a nice addition to your living room, or in your workspace as a fixture in your home office. This piece of furniture also has applications in the entryway or dining room. There are many iterations of this solid wood writing desk. There are older, Chippendale versions that bring a classic appeal to your home decor. You can also browse a selection of Mid-Century Modern desks if your taste is more modern. If you want some help picking one out, we wrote this little guide that youcan read here!

Home Office Furniture at EuroLuxHome.com

At EuroLuxHome.com, we have a large selection of secretary desks. We can set you up with a small secretary if you have a small space to work with. Our selection of genuine antique secretary desks is multifunctional, providing both style and storage space to your interior design. If wood secretary desks aren't your cup of tea, we have other office desks as well, ranging from computer desks to corner desks and more. One thing is sure- if you're looking for home office furniture, EuroLux is the place to be. You can browse our office furniture here!

french antique furniture antique desks mahogany secretary desk antique secretary desks
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