EuroLux offers you one of the largest collections of antique majolica online. Whether you’re searching for affordable majolica plates or other majolica art pottery, we’ve got you covered with the most durable majolica products from around the world. We’re a premier majolica products store, and we’ve been in the industry for years providing quality vintage majolica products online for people who love antique majolica as much as we do. 

Quality Ceramics Here

As one of the most trusted dealers for genuine majolica products, we offer you a variety from which you can choose. Whether you’re a homeowner or interior designer searching for majolica products for your residential or commercial property or you’re a genuine majolica collector, we assure you of the best majolica products for sale online.

To learn about a different style of Italian ceramics, check out our post here about the Deruta style!

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Please browse our vast range of vintage majolica products for home and offices, Victorian majolica pottery, Dutch majolica, Deruta majolica, Italian majolica, and more! Then make your choice. When you buy products from us, you’re assured of doing business with the best amongst reliable and trusted online sellers for genuine majolica products. 

On our antique online store, you’ll find all styles and shapes of antique majolica products for sale. Choose whatever works for you and spice up your interior décor with a touch of style, class, and luxury. 

Originating in Italy, this style features quality glazing, a great exhibition of the Italian renaissance grandeur. Whether you're looking for an oyster plate or teacup, majolica pieces can meet your needs in style. 

Why Majolica Products?

Majolica is famous bright earthenware pottery known to have whimsical motifs. This pottery has played a crucial role in interior decors in past centuries and dates back to the Renaissance. Rediscovered in recent times, it has been one of the most coveted collectible ceramics in the market with new antique majolica popping out daily. They come in different shapes, forms, and sizes and add a unique kind of interior décor no other interior décor item can add. This amazing majolica pottery, treasured for its rich colors and vibrant patterns, is one addition to your antique collection that you’ll love for years to come. Back then, they were used to reflect luxury, royalty, character, and style, and today, they’re rare inestimable antique products highly valued by the few who manage to get them. Majolica wares such as teapots are lovely, from clay body to brushwork. 

Vases and more!

At EuroLux, we’ve got majolica products of different shapes, eras, and styles and from different countries—everything you need to transform your living space and make a stunning statement with your décor. If you’ve been searching for vintage home accessories and majolica products for sale online, you’ve arrived at the best online antique shop.  

Many of our pieces were crafted in the late 19th century or early 20th century, and these pieces have stood the test of time. Our minton Majolica pieces are sure to bring the luxury of 16th century Italy to your home. Some feature a tin-glaze, and others a lead glaze. 

Where Can I Buy Genuine Real Majolica Products Online?

If you’re looking for the best majolica products in the market and where to buy them, EuroLux is your best choice. We have varieties of products for you, and we ship directly to your doorstep. We also offer other styles of amazing furniture, including RococoRenaissance, and Country Farmhouse. If Italian isn't your style, we also offer English and French antiques, as well as some pieces from Spain.

Majolica FAQ

01 How do I tell if Majolica pottery is real?

The glazes on old, authentic majolica will have a rich, beautiful color tint to them. Colors in modern copies will be much more vibrant. While genuine ancient majolica is meticulously glazed, modern majolica can be sloppy, with glaze drips and runs.

02 How much is a Majolica plate worth?

An actual piece of majolica can cost upwards of $1,000, but collectors are finding it more difficult to tell the difference between true and modern copies. During much of the twentieth century, demand was modest, and authentic majolica pottery often sold for a few hundred dollars.

03 What is Majolica?

Majolica is a form of decorative pottery originating in Spain. It is generally more heavy duty than other ceramics. It is known for its rich paint and glaze colors, as well as its durability.

04 Where did Majolica pottery originate?

Majolica pottery originated on a Spanish island. The reason for this is that this part of Spain had the right type of clay to create these wonderful dishes. They also had the artistic skill to decorate these pieces in such a unique way!

05 What Majolica products does offer? has a wide variety of Majolica ceramic products available. From plates to bowls, vases and more, our collection of pottery is sure to impress all who lay eyes on it.


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