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Middle Eastern Antique Furniture

At EuroLuxHome.com, we've got a wide variety of quality Middle Eastern furniture available for your purchase. Whether you're in the market for a Moroccan side table or an Arabic coffee table, you'll find the each of our pieces meets the highest standard. Crafted from quality wood in a unique style, these pieces are built to stand the test of time and look great while doing it! Many of these pieces feature clean lines and octagonal shapes. Whether you're looking to enhance your living room, dining room, home office, or entryway, Middle Eastern style is sure to add a special touch to any space in your home lucky enough to feature it! 

Living Room Home Decor

Our collection of living room furniture from the Middle East is sure to enhance your family space. The living room is where we spend time with friends and loved ones, so decorating this space should be a top priority for your interior design! Many of our pieces of antique furniture date to the late 19th century or early 20th century, so you know these pieces are built to last. Durability is important to us, so we pick the sturdiest furniture we can find! 

Seating options include lounge chairs, side chairs and more. Some of these pieces are inlaid, for those who like inlay furniture. Inlay materials include mother of pearl, including Syrian mother of pearl. 

For a piece that makes a statement, we'd recommend an armoire. A quality antique Middle Eastern armoire often features quality marquetry, and some are bone inlaid. 

Bedroom Decor

The average human spends more time in the bedroom than any other room in the home. This means it's important to decorate this space with style. Fortunately, our options in Middle Eastern furniture are able to meet this need. Perhaps a high-quality headboard could ensure that you sleep in both luxury and comfort. 

A qualityantique 19th century sideboard or chest of drawers could be the storage solution your bedroom needs. 

Lighting options include quality chandeliers. A quality chandelier can completely reshape your room, casting a new gleam over furniture that gives the space a new outlook and changes its color scheme. Just imagine how impressive one of these would look suspended above your bed, with shining pendants that seem to shimmer over the entirety of the space. 

Whether you're looking for a Persian dining table with a mother of pearl inlay or a Moroccan table fit for a showroom, EuroLuxHome.com is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality furniture on the market. Browse our selection of fine furniture today! If Middle Eastern isn't your style, we also offer pieces in the Victorian, Art Deco, and more styles! No matter what your fine furniture needs, chances are we have it for sale.

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Middle Eastern FAQ

01 What does Middle Eastern design look like?

Shape and color are also characteristics of ornamental patterns. Roses, hyacinths, tulips, calamus, and other plants are used as decorative components. It offers a lovely, soothing, and calming impact.

02 What is Turkish design?

Byzantine and Ottoman architectural styles, as well as modern and classical themes, are featured in Turkish style. It's elaborate, vivid, and detailed, warm and sensual, and it's made up of gentle whites and rich hues.

03 How do I make home decor look Middle Eastern?

Invest on a single carved or inlaid mother of pearl piece of furniture or accessories. Mother of pearl was inlaid into elaborate designs as adornment in mosques, castles, furniture, and accessories by the Ottomans. Because mother of pearl is expensive, choose pieces that look like mother of pearl for a luxury Middle Eastern atmosphere.

04 What type of lighting is Middle Eastern?

Lanterns can be used to decorate. Lanterns were utilized to illuminate the streets during the Islamic culture, notably during religious celebrations. They're a cheap way to give your living room a Middle Eastern feel.

05 What is Middle Eastern style decor?

Rich hues, expensive furnishings, and (of course) some spectacular handmade pieces and traditional design patterns are all hallmarks of Middle Eastern home d?cor. Middle Eastern interior design combines elegance, comfort, and a sense of ancient mystery, reflecting the diversity of its cultures.


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