Vintage military memorabilia and military antiques are sometimes collected by people who have served in the armed forces, or by collectors who specialize in authentic militaria souvenirs. The items might include artifacts from the army, navy and air forces, and they are often collected for their historical significance. Sometimes they are connected to a specific battle or war. Items that are collected as militaria include insignia and flags, items worn by military including uniforms, medals and other military decorations, and weapons including firearms, swords and knives. 

We import our items from France and other countries in Europe. Our customers might include private collectors, historical organizations or museums and groups that are involved in historical reenactments of major military turning points in history. Some people might want to buy items that resonate with their family history. Perhaps their ancestors were involved in a historic battle or war. 

All of the vintage military memorabilia items imported from Europe are unique and as they are antique or vintage items they will inevitably have some wear and tear. Dings and dents in metal pieces or other signs of age are a major part of the authenticity of the piece. They show the story behind the collectible item. 

If you collect militaria souvenirs, then it is important to keep each piece in good condition to preserve the historical value. Keep textiles out of bright sunshine or any direct light, in a cool and dry location that is also dust-free. This helps preserve the condition of the fabric.  Medals also need to be protected from direct light as well as moisture so they do not rust. If a medal does not have its own presentation box, then wrap it in acid-free, archival paper and avoid handling it too much as the oils from your hands can affect the metal.

Some people use a display cabinet to show off these historical relics without risk of them being easily damaged. 

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