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Decorative Mirrors

Our selection of high-quality full length mirrors embraces every style from classical antique-inspired pieces to whimsical modern designs. Whether you are looking for something free-standing, something to hang on the wall, or perhaps a decorative style for your dressing table or vanity, we have a wide range in every color and material. Browse beautiful reproduction antique mirrors for sale below. 

Vintage wall mirrors can be found in every room of the house, where they will add light to the room by reflecting any available natural light and brightening it up during the day. In the evening, they reflect the warm glow of candlelight or accent lamps, creating a more romantic atmosphere. Designers also use them to create the optical illusion of more space. Because it will reflect the room back at you, you can place it carefully to reflect a window or garden view or another part of the room to strategic effect! 

Round Mirrors, Arch Mirrors, Accent Mirrors and more! 

Whether you're in the market for a wall mounted cheval mirror, beveled mirror, or bathroom vanity, we've got you covered. We have quality mirrors for any room, from entryway to master bedroom. Each of our pieces is crafted from quality solid wood and glass, so whether you're getting a large floor mirror or full length wall mirror, you know you're getting sturdy goods. 

Some of our finest pieces include handmade decorative wall mirrors, which bring the glam needed to turn your bedroom wall into an art gallery wall. From beveled edges to rattan to window mirrors an other wall accents, offers mirrors of the uttermost quality. We even have entire mirror sets in stock! 

Antique and Vintage Mirrors

It is traditional to hang a mirror in the hallway so it is easy for you and your guests to check your appearance on the way into or out of the house. Antique wall mirrors are also often placed over a fireplace in a living room or dining room for a very elegant and Old World look. These include oval mirrors, round wall mirrors, and even gold mirrors! They are essential in the bedroom and in each guest bedroom, and of course the bathroom too.

Our pieces include regency, beveled, and vanity mirrors. These full length pieces reflect light over your home decor. This extra shine brings the ability to complement any style, from Italian to Art Nouveau to Victorian to Art Deco.

Your choice of a small or large mirror will depend on your interior design scheme and the impression you wish to create. Perhaps you will enjoy a graceful metal design, in gold, silver, or sleek nickel, from sunburst shapes to intricate swirl or geometric shapes. Traditionalists will love our fancy iron designs finished with old gold. A hand-carved frame with a distressed painted finish and gold swags will be a charming choice for a French style interior. We even have mirrors framed with natural oyster shells. An ornate fretwork framed mirror covered in lavish antiqued gold leaf looks as if it should have come from the Sun King’s Palace of Versailles. 

Floor Mirrors

A full length floor mirror could be the piece you need. Perfect for both large and small spaces, these pieces have the ability to enhance your lighting and wall decor such as wall art, picture frames, or bookcases. The wood frame gives you an opportunity to match the pieces with your headboard or other bedroom furniture. Just imagine how the light of a chandelier or candleholder will reflect off of a lovely standing mirror! These can be a great fit anywhere. Use them to enhance your dining room and create a feeling of more space around your dining chairs and dining tables. Or, use them in your bath room for added luxury as you go about your morning routine! However you choose to use our floor standing mirrors, they are sure to become the focal point of your space. With so many new arrivals, we're bound to have something to meet your needs!

French Mirrors, Mantel Mirrors, and more!

Whether you're looking for a Venetian piece with beveled glass, a 19th century or 20th century Rococo mirror for your entryway, or a bathroom mirror, has you covered. From frameless to frame mirror, we've got what you need.