The simple and casual Spanish Mission style of furniture and home decor is an easy and comfortable style to live with. The first pieces of furniture to be attributed to this style were probably made in New York in the 1890s, as part of the Mission Revival movement in architecture that began in the late 19th century inspired by the Spanish missions in California. Although Spanish colonial churches were the inspiration point, the style was closely linked to the British Arts and Crafts movement and it became the American interpretation of this movement. It was a reaction against the industrial age, returning to more human values, and also a reaction against the highly ornate designs of the Victorian era. Instead, we can enjoy the utilitarian simplicity of well-crafted furniture with simple lines using sturdy quality materials such as wood, iron and copper and leather upholstery.

The Mission Style

Gustav Stickley of the American Craftsman Furniture Company was a preeminent maker of this style of furniture, and his designs evoked the feel of Spanish colonial churches. Typical details of Spanish Mission style furniture and Craftsman style decor include straight-lined, geometric and block shapes without any fussy or unnecessary carved details or ornamentation. The emphasis is on vertical and horizontal lines and flat panels. Exposed joinery adds to the simple feel but also serves to show off the fine craftsmanship. These pieces, from furniture to lighting or candlesticks, are often quite substantial and heavy looking, and the chunky appearance adds to the traditional and high-quality feel. Woods are also of high quality and oak is most typically featured, showing the wood grain to perfection. Sometimes the wood is enhanced with a stain finish. Color palettes are earthy and not at all ostentatious, with a focus on neutrals.

Whether it's entryway or office furniture, bookcases or side tables, recliners or mission chairs, this style is truly unique, and is a great fit in many homes. 

Mission style lighting is often crafted in black iron, again with a substantial feel. The lamps, chandeliers and sconces look as if they came from a Spanish colonial church! 

Mission Style Furniture at EuroLuxHome.com

There's all sorts of furniture in this style. In terms of living room furniture, this style offers coffee tables, end tables, loveseats and console tables. Each of these is created with quality solid wood to ensure sturdiness. Other wood furniture for this room includes handmade sideboards. Dining room furniture includes dining chairs, dining tables and china cabinets. Bedroom furniture options include nightstands, headboards, and dressers. There are also a variety of lighting options available, including table lamps. No matter what piece you desire, chances are the Mission style has something for you.  

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Mission FAQ

01 when did Mission style furniture become popular?

Mission style furniture, which is simple, robust, and useful, first appeared in the late 1800s and peaked in popularity about 1900-1915. It resurfaced in the 1980s and has been popular ever since, thanks to its solid elegance.

02 What is the origin of Mission style furniture?

The first Mission furniture pieces were most likely manufactured in New York City in the 1890s, and were inspired by the wood furniture found in Spanish missions in California. The British Arts and Crafts movement, however, was a key influence on the style.

03 What is Mission style furniture?

Mission style furniture is all about simplicity. It rose to popularity at a time when furniture consumers were looking for furniture that wasn't as flashy as styles of the time, such as Victorian.

04 What are some features of Mission style furniture?

Mission style furniture features many straight, clean lines. In this style, there is a large emphasis on accentuating the wood grain.

05 What Mission style furniture does EuroLuxHome.com offer?

EuroLuxHome.com offers a wide variety of Mission style furniture. Our Mission style dining furniture offers a way to dine in luxury. We also offer several sideboards in this furniture style that provide ample storage space for your belongings.


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