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Model Ships

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Model Ships

Model ships and boats are the perfect collectible for any keen sailor or for anyone who loves the ocean or history. We have an impressive selection of hand-crafted model ships, sailboats, motor boats, and other nautical craft. These are made by Old Modern Handicrafts, a company that creates its mini works of art to the exact scale of the original. The result is museum quality and a beautiful addition to your home or office decor. 

You might wonder why the reproductions of the Cutty Sark, HMS Victory,  the Titanic or USS Constitution, look so convincing. This is because not only is the scale perfect, but each piece is hand-crafted using traditional building techniques. Solid woods are used to create the old-fashioned plank on frame or plank on bulk head constructions. The painted details and accessories on the ship are also researched so they look just as the original would have done. This includes chrome, brass and cast metal fittings and ornaments. The sails on sail boats look so realistic, you will expect them to start billowing with ocean breezes any moment as the captain calls all hands on deck! 

Maybe pirate ships are your forte. These masted model boats can make you feel like you're sailing the seven seas! Just imagine how lovely a piece like that could look in your display case. If slightly more modern ship building is what you're looking for, then perhaps a tall ship model, such as a Bismarck or Titanic model will float your boat! From the Mayflower to 19th century spanish ships, galleons, clipper ships and more, you are sure to be impressed by a sailing ship model from our store. 

High Quality Craftsmanship

Maybe a scale model of a battleship or aircraft carrier is what you need. Each of these are made by expert modelers, who went from hobbyist to professional! These model builders spend countless hours making the perfect piece. No matter the type of ship, these folks can produce some of the highest quality crafts in the world. Enhance your home, and add their work to your shipyard today! From wooden model ship to modern battleship, we offer some of the best model ship building on the market. 

In addition to the favorite and most famous ships from the history books, there are more unusual options to choose from. For example, you might love the striking sculptural lines of a Viking boat, especially if you have Viking ancestry! A black wood and brass Venetian gondola will bring back memories of your trip to Italy. Streamlined motorboats boast leather seats, just like the real life version, and are an exciting accessory in your man cave or office. Even racier still, iron models of vintage motorcycles are so intricate in their details that they capture everyone’s attention. 

Whether you are looking for an unusual and thoughtful gift for the sailor in your life, or a conversation starting decorative accessory for your nautical themed home on the ocean or lakeside house, you will be enchanted by these model ships, boats, and canoes. We also have a stunning selection of model cars, motorcycles, and airplanes for enthusiasts of all sorts. From sloop to sailboat models, you're bound to be impressed.