Mid-Century Modern Style

For those who love streamlined design without any fussy details, Modern and Contemporary furniture is the perfect choice. The phrase to remember is: Less is more. The modern design of this furniture will be visually pleasing with a simple clean-lined design without much ornamentation and there is a strong blend of form and function. These pieces often have a clear structural look that can be quite architectural in feel, perfect for a contemporary home. The silhouette and design of the furniture will naturally emerge from the materials used. We have a beautiful selection of vintage Modern decor and Mid-Century Modern furniture for sale.

20th Century Luxury

The Mid-Century Modern furniture style remains popular partly because it is so easy to live with, and it creates a wonderful sense of nostalgia. Originating around the time of the 2nd World War, this furniture is designed with pared-down shapes and organic forms. The straight, angled, and clean lines were stripped bare of any fancy decoration, allowing the silhouette, materials, and colors to create the design interest. Think of the office in Mad Men! 

To learn even more about this style, as well as get some design ideas, check out our post here.

Functionality and Modernism

The Transitional style is one of the most versatile interior decor styles, drawing on the best of both traditional decor and modern looks. This elegant and harmonious style offers the warmth and classic appeal of traditional homes, but updates the look with contemporary clean lines. Streamlined silhouettes create a sophisticated atmosphere that strikes a nice balance between casual and formal, masculine and feminine. Browse our vintage Modern decor and reproduction Mid-Century Modern furniture for sale below.

Mid-Century Modern Living Room Furniture

Every living room home decor setup can benefit from contemporary design, whether you're looking for furniture design for a small space or large room. No matter the color palette of your interior design, chances are we've got something for you. 

Table options include coffee tables, side tables, and end tables. 

For your minimalist seating needs in this design style, we've got modern sofas and loveseats with quality upholstery, providing style and comfort. A set of accent chairs or side chairs might be the piece of furniture you need, combining minimalism with retro glam. Your options in contemporary living room furniture are almost limitless. 

Dining Room Furniture

The contemporary style is great for a dining room in a modern home. Whether it's a dining table or dining chairs, this style is sure to have something for you. Each of these solid wood pieces can enhance your home. We offer a wide selection of vintage pieces, as well as more modern pieces using new materials. Either way, these pieces are guaranteed to impress the interior designer in your life! 

As a bonus, we found this really cool guide on how to create a Mid-Century Modern gallery wall.

No matter your taste, the Modern style has something for you, whether you're looking for bedroom furniture, living room furniture, or something to spice up your entryway. Browse our selection today! We also offer other styles of amazing furniture, including RococoRenaissance, and Country Farmhouse.

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Modern FAQ

01 When was the Modern period?

The Modern period began around the turn of the 20th century. It was something of a renaissance for art, music, and of course, furniture! Our selection of this style is immense.

02 What is Modern style furniture?

Modern style furniture usually blends some more traditional styles with clean, minimalist shapes. There is an emphasis on practicality. The craftsmanship is excellent in this era.

03 What is the difference between modern and contemporary?

Modern design relates to a bygone age, whereas contemporary design is focused on the present and future. The mid-century modern era of the 1950s and 1960s is the most popular modern design era. However, Art Deco design from the 1920s, as well as anything from then through the 1970s vintage aesthetic, can be deemed modern.

04 Can you mix modern and contemporary furniture?

Use pieces with similar lines, wood tones, or colors to combine modern and contemporary furniture. Always consider the room's traffic flow as well as the overall visual impression. Modern-contemporary design refers to a style in which all of the elements of a design scheme are from the current age.

05 Does offer moden furniture?

We sure do! Our selection of Modern furniture has something for everyone.

06 Does offer all modern furniture styles?

Most of them, yes. Whether you're in the market for sleek furniture or more of a throwback, we've got all the styles you can ask for. Even though antiques are our specialty, we've got an eye for modern furniture as well.

07 What types of modern contemporary furniture does offer?

Our selection of contemporary furniture is massive. We offer everything from dining tables to coffee tables, modern beds and more. If it's quality and it's furniture, chances are we have it.

08 Does offer modern history furniture?

Yes! Some modern furniture makers take inspirations from styles from the past. This is called reproduction furniture, and we've got plenty!

09 Does really offer luxury furniture?

At EuroLuxHome, we offer the best. We travel the world looking for the finest pieces of furniture that meet our high standards. Doesn't matter the style- if it's well made, we buy it.

10 Where can I find modern traditional furniture?

Many of the brands we carry produce modern furniture in the traditional style. These pieces bring all the benefits of old time craftsmanship, with the added benefit of new furniture making techniques. It's a beautiful combination of old and new.


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