Movie Set and TV Shows Furniture Rentals

The rise of streaming services and downloadable movies and television shows have really changed how viewers consume and interact with media. Audiences today are more critical than ever, especially with the ability to pause content at any time and examine high-definition stills in great depth. With sharper images come sharper viewers; no detail is too small to go unnoticed these days.

Some might think of set design as just the backdrop or setting of a scene. But the right pieces take on a life of their own and can become just as important as the characters in the foreground. Of course, you don’t want your set design to stand out for the wrong reasons; the audience is much likelier to notice when your furniture just doesn’t look right. You’ll know that you’ve done a good job with the set design if it feels natural. The perfect furniture will draw in your viewers and help you tell a story. 

This is where we come in.

EuroLux Home has a wide range of furniture that you can rent to create impeccable movie and television sets. We have everything from large pieces of furniture to wall hangings, vases, and other accessories. Let us be your partner in leaving a legacy of excellent, innovative set design.


What Are The Advantages Of Renting Furniture For Movie And TV Show Sets?

Renting Is The Most Cost-Effective Option

There are so many things necessary for your film or show’s set design to look convincing. Scenes that take place in a home, for instance, might require living room furniture, bedroom and bathroom furnishings, or maybe a dining room or kitchen. Just imagine the cost of construction of all those pieces. With furniture rentals, you’ll be able to save so much more time and money. With more wiggle room in your set design budget, you can even afford to include more accessories and small pieces that you otherwise might have had to do away with.

Renting Is Convenient

With EuroLux Home’s wide range of furniture, you’ll be able to find everything you need in one place. If you had to go the manufacturing route, you would’ve had to deal with different sellers and suppliers for different items.

Renting Is Flexible

With furniture rentals, you have the option of keeping your set design consistent, or changing it up as needed by your film or TV show. Say your movie shows the passage of several decades. It would be so much more difficult to be saddled with furniture you can’t use in later scenes and that you have to pay storage space for. Renting ensures that you will never have to compromise on the accuracy of your set design. Your sets will grow and change as dictated by your story. 


What Furniture Do We Have Available?

EuroLux Home is famous for its extensive selection of quality antique furniture and antique reproductions. We carry everything from large pieces of furniture to lighting fixtures to home decor. We have pieces that go as far back as the 1800s, covering styles including Georgian, Rococo, Chippendale, Gothic, Victorian, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco. We’re the perfect choice for period films, but our furniture rentals aren’t only ideal for those kinds of projects. We can also help you achieve contemporary set design through our more modern pieces.

Whatever your needs might be, EuroLux Home is ready to be your one-stop-shop for all things TV and movie set design. 

Movie Set and TV Shows Furniture Rentals FAQ

01 When should I rent furniture?

You can enjoy high-quality furnishings that fit your present living circumstances without making a long-term commitment by renting furniture. This is especially useful if you frequently move from place to place and/or live in temporary accommodation.

02 Has EuroLux rented furniture to a TV show?

You can find our furniture in several episodes of the hit show, Ozark!

03 How do I use rental furniture to furnish a home?

Depending on your outfitting demands, there are numerous ways to structure your budget. If you're only replacing or adding a few pieces, organizing your budget by room and stating the spending range for each individual item or set of furnishings per room may be helpful.

04 How should I pick rental furniture?

It's crucial to get the appropriate furniture, but it's never permanent. Try your hardest to furnish sensibly, but bear in mind that any problematic seating arrangements or table selections may be readily changed when the time comes to renovate (for now, don't worry about that).

05 What furniture does have for rental?

We can rent all sorts of pieces for your rental needs. From antique seating to tables and more, we've got you covered. Just ask the producers of Ozark!

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