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Vintage telescopes, folding binoculars, and other kinds of vintage optics make the perfect gift. Many of the vintage style items in our online store are crafted by Old Modern Handicrafts, which is acclaimed for its hand-crafted traditional products. 

For your conservatory or other space where you like to watch birds, you might choose a pair of binoculars based on a 19th  century design, mounted on a tripod. In the Victorian era, these were still an exciting new invention and the tripod stand permits the viewer to watch hands-free. The tripod not only makes it easier to keep a steadier gaze, it is more relaxing on the hands and of course you can take notes about the passing wildlife if you want to. As the binoculars are crafted in brass and wood, sometimes with a nickel finish, they look very noble standing on their tripod on your windowsill or desk! 

Telescopes and more!

There is a certain feeling that a brass telescope, antique telescope, or nautical telescope can provide. These astronomical creations are valuable collectibles, whether you prefer 19th century or modern pieces. Perhaps a nautical brass piece could work for someone who loves nautical gifts! 

Those who live on the ocean will love our fully functioning vintage style harbor telescopes. For example, one style is made of brass with an antiqued finish, and it stands on an adjustable rosewood tripod. All our harbor telescopes look exceptionally authentic standing in a bay window or in a glassed-in conservatory, ready to focus on a passing ship or a school of whales. The premium optics enable you to enjoy a viewing range of more than two miles. An antique brass refractor telescope could make you feel like a captain in a royal navy! From extendable spyglass to monoculars and more, you're bound to be impressed. 

Other Nautical Decor

If you do not have a waterside home but you still enjoy nautical decor, a fully working miniature harbor telescope that stands about 18 inches high on its tripod will still create a wonderful atmosphere.  

For a curious-minded young grandchild or a friend who loves to hike, an 18″ hand-held telescope is packed with nostalgic appeal. The telescope is made of brass with an antique-style leather overlay and a leather strap to carry it. It looks rugged and ready to be taken out into the wilds! Or perhaps you will select a pair of pretty opera glasses, covered in mother of pearl and stored in an attractive wooden box. Hand-held and stand-mounted magnifying glasses in various designs will suit all tastes and look elegant and impressive on your desk. Whether you're in the market for a solid brass eyepiece, marine telescope, or any other piece of magnification, we've got the pieces for you.