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The allure of East Asian decor has been a major influence in decorative arts and home decor for centuries, and it continues to captivate people who love the refinement of Oriental style furniture and home accents. Oriental style can refer to either Japanese, Korean, or Chinese products. 

We import antique Oriental furniture and architectural elements, especially Late Qing Dynasty furniture, dating from the late 1800s through early 1900s.

Late Qing Dynasty

Late Qing Dynasty furniture was also often called The People’s Furniture, after the growing numbers of merchant class people with more money to purchase fine furniture. They liked ornately hand-carved decorative pieces which were not only beautiful but also demonstrated good taste, status and wealth. We have sometimes rescued these pieces from old buildings in China that were due to be demolished and brought them back to the USA.

The beautiful folk art carvings add to the attraction of antique Chinese furniture, and the carvings are rich in symbolism. Flowers mean growth, vitality and prosperous new beginnings in life. The dragon represents power, authority and wealth. Carved birds convey spirituality. Geometric patterns of circles symbolize infinity and unbroken prosperity. The symbols add spiritual meaning to the furniture beyond merely the good looks and function… and they also make a great talking point!

Antique Late Qing Dynasty furniture is timeless in design and easy to incorporate into any style of decor. Antique architectural elements like screens, window shutters and doors can be used for their original purpose or as decorative artwork or wall panels.

Ornate Chinoiserie is another popular style, with intricately painted scenes of Oriental landscapes, ponds and pagodas and glossy lacquered finishes. This look is luxurious, refined and sophisticated, usually featuring heavily decorative red or black lacquering and gold accents. We have a superb collection of Chinoiserie furniture, including tables, desks, armoires and sideboards, including hand-crafted pieces featuring exquisitely hand-painted scenes. Browse our Oriental style furniture below. Some of these pieces feature a rattan style with floral designs. 

Oriental Furniture at

We offer a wide variety of products in this style on our website, whether it's for your living room, dining room, or bedroom furniture layout. 

Table options include asian style coffee tables, end tables, console tables, and side tables. These pieces of living room furniture are made from high-quality materials such as rosewood, and featuring interesting designs such as cherry blossoms. Other interesting decorations in this style include gold leaves, buddha sculptures, table lamps, table lamps, and other asian furniture. These pieces are sturdy home furnishings, each made from solid wood. Other table options include nightstands.

Maybe a bookcase is what you're looking for, giving you a piece of furniture to display collectibles along with other oriental furnishings.