If you enjoy shopping for small decorative accessories for yourself and your home, you will have a great time browsing our collections of embroidered eyeglass cases, floral cosmetic bags, tote bags, coin holders and home accents like doors stops and bird cages. 

The embroidered eyeglass cases and floral cosmetic bags are very pretty indeed, and they are hand-crafted which makes them a thoughtful and unusual gift at a surprisingly reasonable price. The cases and purses are made with hand-embroidered needlepoint and petit point, and the designs are rendered in delightful detail. They are made of pure wool so they feel nice to touch and they last well in daily use. Also, the wool yard ensures that the colors on the images are vibrant and true. Designs include many different types of dogs, so they are perfect for any dog lover. Breeds include golden retrievers, bulldogs, pugs, Pekinese, Maltese, poodles and terriers, amongst many other options. The cute dogs are embroidered against a background of flowers, including tumbling roses. 

Other designs include classic toile, which will go nicely in your French style decor. Other eyeglass cases and cosmetic purses feature letters of the alphabet so you can choose one to match your name. 

Hand-embroidered tote bags in pure wool depict all kinds of designs including exotic palm trees and pineapples. 

If you are trying to create a nostalgic look in your traditional home, it is always very charming to add an old-fashioned bird cage. A decorative bird cage crafted in glowing brass enhances the atmosphere in a Victorian renovation, a country cottage, a romantic Bohemian space, or an exotic style decor. Truly, these nicely crafted bird cages will work in an space, no matter whether you veer toward the eclectic or the traditional. Place one on a center table in your large foyer, or on a side table or sideboard in your living area, or even as an accent in your guest room, and you immediately create visual interest and a wonderful conversation point for visitors.