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Paint Color Trends 2019: Cool Blue, Gray, Green

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Paint Color Trends 2019: Cool Blue, Gray, Green

Cool blues, grays and greens are always a popular choice in home decor, but they've been given a new energy with dramatic versions of these colors selected as Colors of the Year 2019 by several paint companies. Paint color trends can be hard to keep up with, but fortunately we've got you covered. In my last blog post I showed you the more warm and earthy coral and clay colors of the year.  Now it's time to go cool!

Metropolitan Benjamin Moore Living Room

Let's start with Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year 2019, called Metropolitan. This refined gray is calm and composed, creating a soothing and meditative atmosphere. It is also quite light and from the several photos I've seen, it changes in depth according to the light in the room and the colors around it. It almost feels like a basic neutral, like a gentle upgrade from white!

Behr Blueprint

Best Paint Color Trends

Dialing up the color a little more, Behr has selected Blueprint as its 2019 color.  This is a new take on a denim blue, and, just like a favorite pair of jeans, the color looks incredibly versatile. I can imagine this in a casual room with a laid-back vibe, or dressed up for a more elegant space.  It's shown here in a Mid-Century Modern room, but I can also picture it in a more traditional space... perhaps a Dickensian London style library or an Old World living room. Some ornate gold picture frames and a crystal chandelier would be the perfect accent for the Blueprint paint!

Kelly Moore Peacock Blue

Cyan Design Peacock Blue Feather Glass VaseKelly-Moore Paints doubled down for an even more intense blue with strong green undertones, selecting Peacock Blue (above) as its 2019 Color of the Year. Actually, professional interior designers and members of the American Society of Interior Designers choose this color in a Kelly-Moore Paints survey, so we guess those guys know what they are talking about!

Some people might find this saturated blue too strong for a large expanses of wall, so opt for a feature wall or use it to highlight an architectural detail.

Or get a similarly dramatic effect with an accent piece  like this gorgeous Cyan Design Peacock Feather blue vase.

Night Watch paint PPG

PPG Pittsburgh Paints

PPG Pittsburgh Paints chose Night Watch (above), a color from their Aquas color family as their 2019 trend color. This dark jade aqua-green has a sense of luxury to it... you could really jazz it up with bold furniture and metal accessories for a glamorous look. But it also has a feel of lush greenery and the natural world, so it could be great to frame a window that looks out into a garden. Crisp white will brighten it up, while understated camel tones will pair beautifully for a sophisticated look. You could also think of it as an alternative to black as an accent on trim, or for doors and shutters.

What are your favorites?

What do you think of these cool blues, greens and gray that have been chose as 2019 Colors of the Year? If you've used them in your home, please tell us in the comment box and maybe send a photo!

cyan design lighting decorating with color interior design antique decor
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