Making a clock is both and art and a science, and Pendulux excels in both of these categories. Based here in the United States, this brand has high quality clocks for any occasion, from steampunk to retro. 

Pendulux Clocks

One of this brand's most interesting pieces is the altimeter alarm clock. Based on a real altimeter, this timekeeper adds a unique twist to your home decor. It would make a great desk clock, keeping time in style as you work. To add to the pilot theme, they also offer a cockpit table clock. A rocket table clock could take your living room to the stars, or enhance your office as a desk accessory. Another interesting themed table clock is the teevee table clock, which, as the name may suggest, is designed to look like a retro TV, bringing an interesting style to any room. Combine any of these pieces with a table lamp and you've got yourself a cozy yet interesting home setup! 

Something about this brand is so unique. The juanita table clock and rover table clock prove this point, with both of them featuring striking designs that only the most creative of designers could envision. 

Another unique piece is the mantel clock, which is made to sit above your fireplace. This piece is perfect for adding a creative but homely feel wherever you choose to put this piece of excellence. 

If you're looking for a wall clock, this brand also has a timepiece for you. We'd recommend the quartermaster wall clock, one of their best sellers, to adorn your living room wall. 

What materials are used in Pendulux Products?

This company uses a variety of high quality materials in their creations. Some pieces are made with metals such as sheet metal, solid brass, and cast aluminum. Sometimes they used wood of many different varieties, some with a patina finish.  They also use unique items, such as the altimeter in the altimeter table clock mentioned above. 

Pendulux is one of our favorite brands for a reason. Whether you're looking to enhance your living room or dining room, one of their new products is worthy of placement on your wishlist. Your home deserves a beautiful clock, and Pendulux is a great place to start. Browse our selection of their products today. If you'd like to make one yours, add one to your shopping cart for checkout, or call our store.

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Pendulux FAQ

01 What process does Pendulux use?

They?start by putting our ideas on paper, sketching out numerous versions of a potential product until they find something they?want to prototype. Then they choose the materials; their goods have included materials such as wood, high-grade aluminum, solid brass, nickel, glass, iron, and steel (none of that cheap plastic).

02 Are Pendulux products durable?

From design to sourcing materials to production to customer satisfaction, they take great delight in the full life cycle of Pendulux products. That's why they make everything they make, from lamps to clocks to accessories, with care and, more importantly, without compromising on quality, using long-lasting materials.

03 Does EuroLux offer Pendulux?

Pendulux is one of our favorite brands. So of course, our selection is massive!

04 Why choose Pendulux products?

Pendulux products are not only durable, but beautiful as well. The quality is undeniable, and they can blend with a wide variety of styles.


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  1. Cypress Floor Lamp Industrial Factory 1920s Adjustable Silver Brass, Foot Switch

    SKU: PL-112

    30H x 12W x 9D


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  2. Bar Table Neptune Tripod Legs Large Adjustable Cast Aluminum Glass Brass Modern

    SKU: PL-32

    43H x 29W x 29D


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  3. Table Lamp Raymond Art Deco Mid-Century Modern Adjustable Brass Nickel Pewter

    SKU: PL-81

    40H x 9.50W x 30D


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  4. Table Lamp Memphis Mid-Century Adjustable Cast Aluminum Brass Cloth Cord

    SKU: PL-77

    36H x 8W x 21D


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  5. Bookends Eagle Skull Hand-Cast Polished Aluminum, Brass, Cast Iron

    SKU: PL-124

    6H x 11.50W x 3.50D


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