Perfume Bottles, Vanity Items & Jewelry Boxes

Vanity Items

Whether you're in the market for a vanity set, dispenser for your dressing table or other collectibles, we've got you covered. Adorn your dressing table with our lovely odds and ends. From Victorian trinkets to Art Deco decor, we've got you covered.

Jewelry Boxes

A box from our collection could be a great way to store your valuables. If you cherish your jewelry, then it makes sense that you would want to store it in style. Fortunately, we've got the pieces of you. Our jewelry storage options ensure that your goods are stored in beauty and durability. Perhaps a jewelry case or jewelry organizer is what your home needs. A stackable wooden jewelry box with a glass top could provide the style your home deserves. Or maybe a glass jewelry box outfitted with engineered wood is what you need. From minimalist jewelry box organizers to pieces with pull-out drawers for easy access, we have what you need. Some of our display boxes and display cases feature a suede or velvet lining for added opulence. No matter what you choose, you are sure to be storing your favorite pieces in style. Your jewelry collection deserves the best, and that's what we've got.

Perfume Bottles

From glass perfume bottles to applicators and more, we've got the best perfume bottles on the market. What makes these pieces so special is the quality materials used to craft them. Imagine storing your essential oils in a frosted glass bottle. Imagine how lovely a blue glass, amethyst, or crystal perfume bottle will complement your vanity table. Think about how the light will reflect across your mirrors and onto these pieces, making them into shining works of art. Some of these pieces are hand painted, while others feature clear glass. Regardless of your tastes, chances are we have something for you. 

From vanity items to jewelry boxes, perfume bottles and beyond, our selection is of the highest quality. Feel free to reach out to our owners if you need any assistance. We'd be happy to apply our years of antiques experience to help you find your next favorite piece of home decor. Thanks for stopping by, and happy shopping!


Perfume Bottles, Vanity Items & Jewelry Boxes FAQ

01 How should I arrange my jewelry box?

Another option is to keep your valuables in a jewelry box adjacent to your closet or dresser. When it comes to the jewelry box, keep it basic.

02 Should I keep every jewelry box?

Similarly, you do not need to keep every jewelry box you get. People like to preserve these for nostalgic reasons or because the boxes are attractive, which I understand, but it's better to keep a few of the most valuable ones for storage or moving and dump the rest.

03 What makes a good jewelry box?

It should be lint-free and extremely soft to the touch. Your jewelry will be scratched by an abrasive lining, making it appear old before its time. Pass on the jewelry box if the lining seems rough to the touch.

04 Are jewelry boxes still in style?

A jewelry box may help keep your collection organized and in good working order, and the selections are as varied as the styles of stones and jewels. You can get a jewelry box that complements your home design or personal taste, ranging from vintage-inspired to completely modern.?

05 How long will perfume last in a bottle?

Most fragrance producers recommend discarding your bottle after one to three years (check your label), but because scent doesn't expire like food, it's sometimes acceptable to prolong using a bottle for four, even five years.


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