Pewter Copper & Metalware

The visual appeal of pewter and copper metalware is unlike any other vintage style metal decor. Each one conveys a sense of authenticity and nostalgia in our home decor, harking back to a simpler world that balances out our hustling high-tech lives today.

These materials are often seen in old European pubs and taverns in decorative items including plates, jugs, and pitchers displayed on the walls and lined up on the shelves. These sturdy materials immediately conjure up a jovial atmosphere and they also have great tactile appeal.

Copper is especially beautiful as a material with its burnished glow and sense of warmth and welcome. As a material used it in the home it has been popular for centuries but it always remains in fashion as it has a timeless appeal. Antique or vintage metalware might have a few dents or dings, but this is part of the authentic allure and it shows that these old pieces have a story to tell. It creates an especially strong impression in traditional room designs, especially if you are lucky enough to have found a vintage piece that has developed a patina on the surface. 

However, it is ultimately very versatile and, aside from its traditional charm, it can also by turns look sleek and modern or warmly exotic, depending on the styling of the piece. It can work perfectly in an ultra-glamorous urban apartment or in a rustic Farmhouse kitchen. 

Pewter also has a long history in home accessories and a big part of its appeal is to due to its matte surface. This muted, less reflective finish is more restrained and simple than the bling of very shiny silver, chrome or polished steel. It always looks weighty and conveys a sense of gravitas in a room. It is especially handsome in a dining room or kitchen, and a natural fit for a home bar or pub, as it was traditionally used for tankards and plates in Old English and Welsh taverns!  

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