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Picture Frames

Picture Frames

You can never have too many picture frames and they are an important aspect to consider when you are displaying your photographs or artworks. The sizes in our gallery vary from under 10 inches in height to more than five feet in height, and we have affordable picture frames for sale in a wide selection of styles and materials to choose from. Whoever has captured your heart enough to be displayed in your living room or bedroom, whether you are proud of your photos of your son’s graduation or your newborn granddaughter, you will want to find the perfect frame. Or perhaps you want to share memories of your own wedding day or your travel snaps from around the world? These are wonderful ways to add a personal touch to a home and also a conversation starter when you have visitors. Or maybe you have purchased an art image for your room.  

A quality picture frame can be a great fit anywhere. Maybe a quality rustic wall frame is what your home decor needs. Perhaps a new frame set could enhance your barnwood tabletop. Just imagine how lovely a collage picture would look in this space! The accessibility provided by these wall hanging and tabletop picture frame sets makes them a must have for any decor enthusiast. You could even hang some of these wood picture frames from your christmas tree! 

Preserve Your Memories

These pieces ensure you can put any of your heirlooms, photo collages, keepsakes or more in your own gallery. A quality wall mounted version of one of our popular frames is sure to preserve your most precious moments. 

Either way, first consider the piece that you want to display. Choose a picture frame that works for the style of your room, but also for the color and design of the item inside it. Consider whether you want a more ornate design that is decorative in itself, or a very simple piece that lets the contents do the talking! Will it be part of a gallery wall, surrounded by many other displayed objects? Or will it be the focal point alone on one wall or shelf? Will it be nestled into a smaller space, such as an alcove? The placement will also affect the design you choose. 

If you are displaying a series of family portraits, one of each individual, you might want a design that has four separate spaces for four different photos, made by Jonathan Charles in walnut with gorgeous satinwood veneers. A large freestanding iron and dimpled glass model by Cyan Design looks traditional, due to the chunky iron, but it has a streamlined silhouette standing on a pedestal base that also manages to look very contemporary. Other options include embossed and gilded wood for a spectacularly luxurious look, and amazing mosaics of mother of pearl that gleam with an elegant iridescence. Browse our photo frames for sale below.