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There is something very special about an antique religious treasure, and we love shipping these sacred objects to our customers across the country, knowing that they will cherish them and enjoy them in their worship and in the adornment of their homes. Christian home decor and wall art is a great way to express faith in God. From bible related decor to christian gifts and wall decor, we've got the pieces for you. We buy and import many religious items from France and other countries in Europe, so we hope to help you find the perfect piece whether you are searching for a crucifix, a standing cross, a statue of Jesus Christ, the Madonna or one of the saints, an antique holy water font, or a prie-dieu or prayer chair.

Christian Wall Art, Wall Crosses and more!

We've got a variety of religious pieces to adorn your bedroom, living room, entryway or dining room. A wall hanging cross or wall plaque could be a lovely addition to your space. These pieces of christian wall decor could even function as kitchen decor as you prepare your daily bread! 

Our vintage religious sculptures include antique Jesus Christ Sacred Heart statues or statues of the Madonna and child that are made of either chalkware or ceramic, and they are usually very sweetly hand-painted. The face of the Madonna is often very beautifully painted, displaying a pure energy that radiates love and compassion. Other figurines portray saints including St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Anthony of Padua. Holy water fonts are crafted in wood, metal and glass. The crucifixes and standing crucifixes tend to be metal and they are often quite ornate. These too often feature exquisite details, showing the devotion of the craftsman who made them. Sometimes the crosses, fonts and figurines show wear in one particular place where the worshipper has rubbed the religious object with their fingers while they prayed. If you are looking for a piece to incorporate into your spiritual life, then these antiques that show signs of being much used and loved over the years will be especially powerful for you. Some of our pieces feature bible verses

Religious Decor done right

We also stock new religious treasures which are artfully made in a wide range of materials. Perhaps you will enjoy the simple beauty and radiance of a quartz crystal crucifix, or the sculptural appeal of a large angel wing crafted in wood and resin.  

Whether you're looking for housewarming gift ideas, wood signs, picture frames, christmas ornaments, tabletop decorations, art prints, or simply just love religious home decor, has special offers on religious Christian designs.

Religious Treasures FAQ

01 How does religion affect art?

Art, as a visible religion, uses iconography and images of the human body to transmit religious ideas, rituals, and values. The reciprocity between image creating and meaning making as creative correspondence of mankind with divine is the underlying concept for the links between art and religion.

02 What is the purpose of religious art?

Religious paintings idealize, exalt, imply, and communicate a religion's story. They preserve religious traditions and make it easier for people to visualize a notion or event that would otherwise be impossible to visualize with just words.

03 Why is religious art created?

These photos are meant to serve as a reminder of their faith. Art is not just found in Roman Catholic churches; it is also found in other divisions of the Catholic Church, particularly in Eastern Orthodox churches, where icons play an important role.

04 What religious decor does offer?

We offer the perfect religious decor for your home. Maybe something from our collection of crucifixes would be a great way to show your devotion. We also have a wide selection of prayer chairs available.

05 Where can I find antique religious decor? is a great place to start! Browse our selection of crucifixes, statues, and prayer furniture to find your next family heirloom.


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