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There are so many ways to use decorative free-standing room partition screens in your decor. Every home should have at least one or two as they not only look good, they are versatile in almost every room of the house. 

Folding screens can be used as a partition between one part of the room and another. For example, in an open plan space they can give a visual cue that you are moving from the living area to the dining area. 

They can create almost architectural visual interest if you place them in a way that breaks up a large space or box-like room. Similarly, position them at an angle across the corner of a room that feels too square and you will soften the hard corners and create a more welcoming feel. 

Traditionally, free-standing screens for the home are used in a bedroom to get dressed or changed behind, and this is still a great way to pretty up a guest bedroom. In fact, you can use one anywhere that you want some privacy. Perhaps you often work from a small area in a corner of your living room and you want to have some separation from the rest of the space. This is not only good as a boundary to divide work life from home life, it also keeps any messy files or other paperwork hidden away from sight! 

Floor Standing Screens and More

Finally, you might choose floor-standing or folding screens purely for their decorative effect. They have a slightly mysterious and theatrical air about them, so they can often create a dramatic statement in a room. Or perhaps you prefer to choose something pretty and romantic, to create intimacy in a boudoir and evoke a sense of nostalgia. For example, we have some beautiful hand-painted floral designs that are like artworks in themselves. 

Whether you are looking for two panels, three panels or four panels, browse our selection of high-quality antique style screens.  

Screens & Panels FAQ

01 What is a wall panel used for?

Wall panels are created of a variety of materials and then framed together to beautify walls. In the room where they are utilized, wall panels add richness and beauty. Wall paneling that is decorative and inexpensive in nature is versatile and enhances the appearance of the environment in which it is employed.

02 Are wall panels durable?

Decorative wall panels are made out of a sturdy base such as MDF, particleboard, PVC, or gypsum, and a decorative top finish such as printed paper, patterned cloth, or laminate. With a greater understanding of the base and top finishes, you can properly care for your panels.

03 Is wall paneling modern?

Shaker style wall panelling is a classic design that adds a sense of depth and interest to walls. It's best suited to period homes where it may have naturally been found, but Shaker panelling has become a modern design staple and has also been adopted as a way to bring some character to new builds.

04 What is a wall panel?

Wall panels are both practical and decorative, providing insulation and soundproofing while maintaining a consistent appearance and some degree of durability or replaceability.

05 How is wall paneling made?

The majority of wall paneling materials are quite durable, easy to maintain, and can be put on the ceiling to add a decorative touch to the room. The wall panels are either screwed directly to the wall or installed on a metal grid frame that is also screwed to the wall.


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