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Shelves & Etageres

Shelves and etageres are a key part of the decoration of any room, enabling you to display all your favorite treasures. Whether you are looking for an antique-inspired gold leaf bracket shelf to hang on the wall and hold a simple vase of flowers or a free-standing etagere, when you buy contemporary shelves at EuroLux Home, you will find plenty of choices to suit your style. 

Etagere shelves are very versatile pieces of furniture. As they are free standing and don’t need to be fixed in place, they can be positioned anywhere in a room that you want to create a display, without any need to call in the handyman! They vary in size from quite narrow to wider and taller constructions so you will easily be able to select the right one to fit any given space. Imagine a pair on either side of a doorway, window, or other architectural feature, creating a nice sense of symmetry that helps anchor a room. Perhaps you will display books, silver framed family photos, a prized collection, or other decorative objects, sculptures, antiques and collectibles. An artful arrangement will immediately create a focal point in a room. We have several traditional and contemporary etagere shelves to choose from.

Metals and glass add to a sense of lightness, avoiding any bulkiness and keeping the sight line clear to show off the display. A wood unit is more traditional in style. 

A wall bracket or other wall shelf is perfect for spaces where you don’t have much floor space but you still want an attractive wall display. Thoughtful positioning makes these decorative pieces a kind of wall art all of their own! Perhaps you will choose a traditionally carved design with flourishes and scrollwork accented with glistening gilt. Mirrored panels on some options add to the glamour and reflect light in a most enchanting way. Or maybe your style is more contemporary, so a streamlined modern style will be the perfect match for your home. Either way, we look forward to helping you find your dream choice!