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Shop By Period/Style

Sets of furniture are vital in every living or office space, and over the years, many styles of furniture have existed. However, one thing is consistent; no matter the furniture style, all furniture serve similar functions. Right from the first century, people have bought furniture for different reasons ranging from interior beautification, storage, comfort, and more. Excellent furniture adds a unique beauty and character to an area, and no matter the furniture period or style, quality furniture stands out wherever they’re positioned.

At EuroLux, we sell all styles of furniture, including new furniture and antique furniture from different periods, Victorian furniture styles, art deco furniture, furniture from the 1880s, and more. Whether you’re looking for living room furniture or furniture for the bedroom, kitchen and dining, office, and the like, our sets of furniture are all you need. We believe your furniture sets define who you are, and we ensure we make available different quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing furniture from different furniture periods. 

Our Furniture Sets by Period

There are different furniture periods and styles in the market. As seasoned antique furniture dealers, we carefully select and bring you the best so you can buy the choicest antique furniture from the different antique furniture periods. 

Art Nouveau Style Furniture

Furniture sets from this period are stylishly designed and adorned with jewelry and silver. Antique art Nouveau furniture is rare today, so they’re highly valued, and valuable French antique furniture adds style to your home. 

Art Deco Style Furniture

Furniture of this period is known for its straight lines and gentle curves and for being made of expensive materials like lacquered wood, steel, glass, and the like. Art deco style furniture is for you if you’re looking to add elegance to your living space. 

Aubusson Style Furniture

Aubusson style furniture features stunning designs and is known for its most exceptional hand-woven nature. They’re usually sofas, loveseats, and cushions and are the ideal antique furniture if you wish to build a romantic haven in your living space. 

Asian Style Furniture

Asian style furniture is known for its beautiful yet highly functional qualities. They’re affordable and are among the top furniture periods that add exceptional beauty and class to your space. 

Biedermeier Style Furniture

This furniture period was influential and is a simplified interpretation of the French empire style and the ancient Roman empire styles, adapted for modern households. The furniture in this period is known for its excellent finishing and décor qualities. 

Chippendale Style Furniture

This American furniture style has characteristic legs, feet, and dark wood appeal. It’s one of the most famous furniture periods, and pieces of furniture in this period have exquisite and extensive carving and incorporate English, Gothic, and Chinese motifs. 

Brittany Style Furniture

Brittany style furniture is among the best when it comes to elegant and detailed furniture carving. Brittany style furniture is your best option if you’re a lover of ornate and elaborately hand-carved, dark-antique furniture. 

Other Furniture Periods We Sell

We also sell;

  • Chesterfield Style Furniture
  • Contemporary Style Furniture
  • Country Farmhouse Style Furniture
  • Delft Style Furniture
  • Empire Style Furniture
  • Georgian Style Furniture
  • Gothic Style Furniture
  • Industrial Style Furniture
  • Mission Style Furniture
  • Modern Style Furniture
  • Oriental Style Furniture
  • Renaissance Style Furniture
  • Rococo Style Furniture
  • Tiffany Style Furniture
  • Victorian Style Furniture
  • Abstract & Impressionism Style Furniture
  • Catholic Style Furniture
  • English Style Furniture
  • European Style Furniture
  • French Style Furniture
  • Italian Style Furniture
  • Majolica Style Furniture
  • Middle Eastern Style Furniture
  • Scandinavian Style Furniture
  • Traditional Style Furniture
  • Transitional Style Furniture 

At EuroLux, our antique furniture styles are made of the highest quality furniture materials, and we invite you to make your choice and place your order now.