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Sets of furniture are vital in every living or office space, and over the years, many styles of furniture have existed. However, one thing is consistent; no matter the furniture style, all furniture serve similar functions. Right from the first century, people have bought furniture for different reasons ranging from interior beautification, storage, comfort, and more. Excellent furniture adds a unique beauty and character to an area, and no matter ...

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Shop By Style FAQ

01 How do I tell the period of a piece of furniture?

Examine the various components that make up the piece of furniture. Examine the quality of the joinery, finishes, knobs, and other details of the furniture. Examine the wood, cloth, and screws that were used. If you evaluate all of these features, you may be able to determine whether you have an antique or a machine-made reproduction on your own.

02 How can I tell the difference between handmade and machine-made furniture?

The surface of most handcrafted pieces will have some abnormalities, such as little nicks caused by the use of a hand plane to smooth out the wood. These nicks can often be seen more clearly on the back of the piece than on the final front. If the work appears to be excessively even or perfect, it was most likely created or cut by a machine.

03 What does early American furniture look like?

Ornamental carvings, raised panels, finials, and woodturnings are all common aspects of furniture from this time period. Pine, birch, maple, cherry, and oak were all common materials. Due of their portability, chests were in high demand because many of the colonists were still uneasy.


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  1. Wall Art Abstract String Linen

    SKU: ZT-2963

    23H x 47W x 2.75D

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  2. Pendant Light Abstract Globe 16-Light Brass Ebony Hammered Black G9 Halogen 40W

    SKU: ZT-3311

    24.50H x 45.25W x 45.25D

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  3. Pendant Light Abstract Globe 8-Light Brass Ebony Hammered Black G9 Halogen 40W

    SKU: ZT-3313

    16H x 31.50W x 31.50D

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  4. Chair Woodbridge French Ovale Tobacco Finish Wood Beige Repel Stainguard Linen

    SKU: WB-1320

    38.50H x 19.50W x 24D

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  5. WOODBRIDGE Drink Table End Side Early 20th C Round Top Shaped Legs Petite Small

    SKU: WB-1357

    24H x 10.50W x 10.50D

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  6. WOODBRIDGE Storage Bench 18th C Italian 19th European Lime Wash Green Limed

    SKU: WB-1501

    50H x 74W x 19.25D

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  7. Wall Art Print 19th C Octopus III 29x40 40x29 Blue White/Cream Linen

    SKU: SW-371

    40H x 29W x 2D

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  8. Wall Art Print 19th C Octopus III 39x54 54x39 Blue White/Cream Linen

    SKU: SW-373

    54H x 39W x 2D

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  9. Wall Art Print 19th C Octopus III 47x65 65x47 Blue White/Cream Linen

    SKU: SW-375

    65H x 47W x 2D

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Showing: 1-12 of 1886 results

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