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Furniture sets are a critical part of any living or office space, and there are numerous reasons for buying furniture. Of all the reasons, the most important underlying one is the beauty and character that beautiful furniture adds to an apartment or office space. Whether living room furniture, bedroom furniture, kitchen and dining furniture or office furniture, they’re needed to make life more comfortable, for storage, for sitting on and for sleeping. Your furniture sets reflect your personality and highlight your taste in furniture. 

Why Do People Buy Furniture?

People buy furniture for several reasons, including:

Furniture for a New Home or Remodeled Home

It would help if you had new furniture when you’re packing into a new or remodeled home because the old furniture might not fit again, like not putting an old wine inside a new wine bag. Your new home might require new furniture styles and different furniture by room 

Furniture for a Newly Married Couple

Getting married is a good thing, and moving in together and starting a home follows. This new partnership often involves buying furniture for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and dining, and the like. 

Furniture for Personal Comfort

Furniture sets are used to make life comfortable. From sofas to living room furniture sets, kitchen and dining tables and chairs, and the like, the right sets of furniture can give you the maximum comfort you desire. 

Furniture for Storage

Wardrobes, TV Stands, kitchen cabinets, drawers, buffets, and other storage furniture are needed for storing items, including clothes, kitchen utensils, electronics, and the like. 

Where to Buy Quality Furniture Sets by Room Online

EuroLux offers you varieties of furniture sets by room; everything you need to achieve a beautiful, cozy, and elegant look in your apartment or office. Whether antique and new living room furniture, kitchen and dining room sets, chairs and tables, antique and modern buffets and cabinets, bathroom furniture, and the like, we have unique collections of furniture that comes in distinctive designs and colors. 

EuroLux is the trusted new and antique furniture dealers online that you can trust if you’re looking for where to buy furniture online. We sell furniture for different rooms and different purposes. Give your home or office a stunning and classy interior look by shopping for furniture for sale online from EuroLux.  

Living Room Furniture

The Living room is a general room in a house meant for relaxing and socializing and should be adorned with the best living room furniture. EuroLux offers you the best in sitting room and quality furniture sets that’ll add elegance and beauty to your living room. 

Kitchen and Dining Furniture

Make your kitchen and dining rooms look like something out of a TV show with top quality kitchen and dining furniture from EuroLux. We make your kitchen and dining duties easier by bringing you the kitchen and dining furniture sets that are top-notch in quality, function, and beauty. 

Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom is where you spend your personal time or time with your better half and should be adorned with the best bedroom furniture in the market. We offer you durable bedroom furniture sets, including beds, bedside stools, and the like.  

Home Office and Outdoor Furniture

We offer top quality outdoor and office furniture sets that will help you set up your home office space or outdoor relaxation area. Get the best from trusted and reliable home furniture dealers online – EuroLux. 

At EuroLux, our products are made of the highest quality furniture materials, and we invite you to make your choice and place your order now.

Shop By Room FAQ

01 Which furniture is most important?

Buffets, bookcases, dressers, armoires, and media cabinets are essential pieces of storage furniture for first-time homeowners. This is especially true if your house is ancient and you don't have a lot of closet space. You should acquire the best quality you can afford, just like you should obtain the greatest quality you can afford for other important furniture pieces.

02 What is an informal dining room?

Formal dining rooms are usually separate rooms, whereas casual dining rooms are sometimes combined with the kitchen or living area. The formal dining room may be separated from the kitchen and the rest of the house by a door.

03 How old is an antique?

An antique, in technical terms, is a piece of furniture that has great value due to its antiquity, especially if it is adorned with fine artistry. The age factor is subjective: antiques are defined as artifacts that are 50 years old or older. Objects that are 150 years or older are considered antique by fine antique merchants.

04 What is the 60-30-10 rule?

What is the 60-30-10 Rule, and how does it work? It's a time-honored decorating rule that aids in the creation of a color scheme for a room. It indicates that the main color should make up 60% of the space, the secondary color or texture should make up 30% of the room, and the accent color or texture should make up 10% of the room.

05 Can I have 2 sofas in the living room?

In your living room, you can have two separate sofas. The colors of your sofas can be mixed and matched. Use hues from the color wheel that are complementary to each other. Your non-matching sofas will look terrific as long as you follow those decorating standards.

06 Does offer antique dining room furniture, such as tables?

Our dining room collection is one of our largest. We offer fine antique dining tables and seating, as well as sideboards for storing your dishes in style. Each of the pieces in our collection is crafted to the highest standard.

07 Where can I find living room seating online?

If you're looking for living room seating, you've come to the right place. From accent chairs to upholstered chairs, we've got you covered. We even offer larger living room seating options, such as Chesterfield sofas and more. One thing is sure- you'll be comfortable.

08 What kind of bedroom furniture can I find on

We have all sorts of antique and vintage bedroom furniture online. Maybe an antique dresser is what your space needs. Or maybe you want to sleep in the same comfort that Louis XV had. From nightstands to mirrors and more, we've got a wide selection geared towards any taste.

09 Does offer entryway furniture?

Yes! Even though entryway furniture is a specific niche, we have a wide selection. After all, it's important to make a good first impression with your furniture. From cabinets to chests of drawers, we have all of your entryway needs.

10 What type of home office furniture is available at EuroLux?

Our home office collection includes a wide variety of pieces. Our secretary desks can offer a quality workspace. Many include a drawer for the storage of your office supplies.